Thursday, August 16, 2007

Natural Beauty!

So I got to hang out with Miss Monica this evening. I must say.... I feel old! I used to babysit Monica when she was about 3! This family is a long time neighbor/friend of my aunt's and before my aunt moved up north they spent a lot of time together. Through the years, they have stayed in touch, therefore... the Wallace's have ended up seeming like another part to the family! So needless to say this shoot was fun!

Monica is going to be a senior this year at Onsted. As I looked over her photos tonight I thought to myself... so much to look forward to in life, this is such a special year!

So many girls at this age think it's so necessary to wear lots of makeup just to look beautiful. Don't get me wrong im not knockin makeup for some, however, I cant believe how beautiful Monica looks... well I can believe it actually. She has a truly unique look that is simply and flawlessly beautiful! I appreciate that and I think its really cool that... that is who she is! She was most comfortable in her jeans and sweatshirt. It's funny how people's body language changes when they are comfortable in their favorite outfits!

She was a little uncomfortable at first, but I think in looking back now, she will be able to say it was fun. We did have to get a little scandalous to take a few of these pictures. We stopped by some strangers yard to shoot a couple of pics because they have this row of sunflowers that are just the right height! Kenedey (my daughter) stayed in the car and couldn't believe that we would do "such a thing"! We climbed on their fence and ran out of there quickly when we were done! Good times!

Well... without further hesitation.... I present Monica Wallace: Senior 2008!

Thank you Monica (and mom and Maranda) for spending the evening with me! I had a lot of fun with you guys! Talk to you soon! Maranda I hope you feel better very soon!

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