Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Easter!

I haven't gotten a chance to post much from our Easter event. This family purchased a collage. I just finished it up and thought it was cute so thought I would share it with all of you!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Heart Faces - Dramatic B&W

I had a different photo chosen for this (it was a more "technically" correct) and ALMOST submitted it... but then I remembered this photo and I felt like it seemed a bit more dramatic. Either way... I love this photo of Miss Taylor ;-) And truthfully, I REALLY wanted the chance to have THE Tara Whitney (this weeks guest judge) stop by my blog! Ok im off to clean up the blog... similar to the way you would tidy if she were coming over for a visit to your home kind of thing ;-)

Good luck to everyone and be sure to stop by I Heart Faces to check out all of the other entries. There are so AWESOME entries as always!

Mike & Joanie

I met up with Mike & Joanie for a quick session and I was thrilled with the way these turned out. I usually have the opportunity to get to know couples before their engagement session and this time I did not, it was a little nerve wracking for me. I always want couples to feel comfortable and then on the flip side for me, I want to be sure I capture what they want out of their session. I tried my hardest to talk Mike & Joanie into doing something fun, outdoorsy, or different. They stuck to their guns and really just wanted simplicity. It sounds like it's kinda the theme for the day and I must say... I give them "mad props" for keepin it simple. It was a nice change from always striving to keep it unique. You two are an adorable couple and it was so great to have a some time getting to know you!!! It's wont be long until your big day!

Cash turns ONE!

The post below is all about Cash too, but it was really for the celebration of his DAD's birthday. I got so many great pics of him that i wanted to finish up his Bebe' Collection with HIM! I met Cash just as he turned 3 months old. I have enjoyed getting to know his family and watching him grow into a happy, crazy, fun, and carefree little spirit. He has so much fun ahead of him and a family who is absolutely crazy about him, what a great way to start life!

Cash and family, you have been such a blessing to get to know this year. I appreciate the opportunity and I hope you treasure these milestones forever! Looking forward to the next and I am so excited to watch him continue to grow. Have fun little buddy!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

I have been DYING to share this video for a few days. My sweet little Cash has just graduated from the Bebe' Collection (tear). But hes a big boy now and it sounds like he will be sticking around for the next step... bebe' 2 bus... WHICH I AM SO GLAD because I really can't see myself NOT watching him grow over and be part of his family over the next few years... I get so attached to all these Bebe' Collection babies, truly I do... I get emotional at the thought of not seeing them anymore... DORK.

Anyway... I had to wait until AFTER Brian (Cash's dadddy) got this video for his birthday, but I got the ok from Ali (Cash's mommy) tonight to go ahead and share!

Don't these slideshows make a wonderful gift? Those of you considering a session, consider this type of gift for mothers day or father's day! I know I would love to get one! I think that's a hint to my husband and kids! Oh wait... who would take the pictures?! Ok im rambling... onto the slideshow, it's definitely one of my favorites! Happy Birthday Brian!

Sweet Gabby

Gabby has transformed tremendously since her first session. Three months is leaps and bounds in infants and it sure shows here! For her first session she was a bit fussy and her and her family were JUST figuring out what formula would work for her. Her poor sleep deprived momma was at the end of ideas to help her best girl! BUT, the good news... Gabby is doing wonderful and is just the sweetest easy going girly girl! She still made me work for smiles, but she kept her grandparents close by and was always willing to show that beautiful grin for her Grandpa. We had him walk away and come back a few times and each time he returned we got the big smiles. I am already looking forward to her next session to see how she changes next time!
Gabby is among the very few girls I have in my Bebe' Collection! Come on girls, you are movin up in numbers, but we still have a LONG way to go! (In case you aren't aware, I have about 3 girls in my Bebe' Collection and about 14 boys!!!) I get so giddy for these girly sessions... just look at those flowers, tutus, necklaces and boas! WAY too fun!
Thank you Gabby and family!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mr. Blue eyes...

I don't think you can look at these and NOT notice his stunning blue eyes. He has always had beautiful blues, but I figured they might fade as he got older... um NO. It's almost like they are getting more sparkly! He has such a great personality and is so much fun to be around. He has a contagious smile that can turn your bad day bright in just a second! You are so handsome Franklin!!! Love you!

And just because I think she is amazing... his mommy Jess does my graphic design and is currently working on some new literature/mailing stuff for me! Jess you are so talented! Thanks for all you do!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Miss Izabella - newborn

This sweet baby girl slept through her entire session and like clockwork paused to feed and got right back to work modeling for her session! I had so much fun doing her session because she was fine with me moving her anywhere I needed to! She was such a sweet girl when I first met her and picked her up, she just snuggled right up to me and went to sleep. Nothing melts my heart quite like a snuggly newborn. Welcome to the world sweet Izabella.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lili - 6 months

You might remember Lili from her newborn session. She has quite the story behind her birth... if you haven't read it... you can read it here. I was so excited to see how much Lili had changed since her newborn session. I saw her at Christmas but she was still so newborn at that point, here we are and she is already 6 months old and absolutely thriving! I was trying to come up with some new templates to blog, and when I started putting these photos on "paper" I was thinking wow... if anyone knows how to treasure a new baby this would be it! Life is so fragile, Lili and her family always inspire me to treasure the moments.

And one last thing... doesn't she have the most amazingly beautiful eyes? They can light up a whole room!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Miss Lauren!


It's no secret that I love to photograph what I call "my girls"! For some reason my bebe' collection of kiddos is chock full of boys... now first and foremost, don't get me wrong I am crazy about each and everyone of those sweet sweet boys, however.... there is something so fun about photographing these couple of girls in my collection! I can't help but get excited each time! I had big plans for Lauren's session but what I failed to remember is that at about 9 months girls go through the stranger danger stage! I only get to see her about every 3 months, so I don't blame her for seeing me as a stranger! I just cannot wait until her next session when she will be ONE... OMGoodness!!!! Didn't I JUST do her newborn session?

Love you Miss Lauren! I hope you are a little less scared of the lady with the camera!!!

Lauren's big sister Kara was very annoyed with and scared of me the first time I photographed her! She was painfully shy and wanted nothing to do with the lady with the camera... but now... she is all about being in front of the camera and never forgets to show me her latest dance or gymnastics moves! Thank you for always keeping it fun Kara! You are the greatest 4 year old ever! Soon we will do your FIVE year session! WOO HOO!

Below, Kara and Lauren are pictured with their beautiful grandma! Don't forget families out there... if you can get your grandparents or extended families involved with your session, it's a MUST DO!!! I think it's absolutely wonderful when families bring in grandparents. Having lost my grandma who I was very close to this past January... every photo I have of her is a treasure.

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