Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sweet Gabby

Gabby has transformed tremendously since her first session. Three months is leaps and bounds in infants and it sure shows here! For her first session she was a bit fussy and her and her family were JUST figuring out what formula would work for her. Her poor sleep deprived momma was at the end of ideas to help her best girl! BUT, the good news... Gabby is doing wonderful and is just the sweetest easy going girly girl! She still made me work for smiles, but she kept her grandparents close by and was always willing to show that beautiful grin for her Grandpa. We had him walk away and come back a few times and each time he returned we got the big smiles. I am already looking forward to her next session to see how she changes next time!
Gabby is among the very few girls I have in my Bebe' Collection! Come on girls, you are movin up in numbers, but we still have a LONG way to go! (In case you aren't aware, I have about 3 girls in my Bebe' Collection and about 14 boys!!!) I get so giddy for these girly sessions... just look at those flowers, tutus, necklaces and boas! WAY too fun!
Thank you Gabby and family!

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