Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh my goodness!

I absolutely LOVED this session! It was pretty chilly out, but the Michigan colors are still beautiful! This is Crystal, she is a Senior at Addison High School... isn't she gorgeous?! We had a great photo shoot and found some super neat areas. We we to her grandparents home who have a gorgeous yard and they still had some roses growing on the trellis... how lucky! They smelled AMAZING! Grandpa insisted we get some photos on the train tracks... I'm sure glad we did... a couple of those are my favs!

Love her tatoos! And a girl after my own heart... how about THOSE shoes?! I couldn't not include that as a picture! The symbol tatoo means Genuine... I love that! I think it speaks to the beautiful person she is, both inside and out.

Crystal and fam... it was so wonderful meeting all of you. I throughly enjoyed our time! Can't wait for you to see the rest!

Our practice baby...

was absoultely PERFECT in every way! This is the little guy who's parents were so kind to offer him for Tyler (my assistant) to get baby practice! I love so many of the images we captured! I absolutely adore this little guys big eyes! They are perfect for some beautiful catch lights!

We even got lucky enough that Landon fell asleep during his session. I really wanted to capture him still looking like an infant at this stage. They grow way to quick as we all know and I think Tyler did a perfect job of capturing that fleeting baby look! Hope you enjoy the sneek peek Kara & Brock! Landon is absolutely wonderful and thank you so much for your kindness in offering your perfect little guy! He was such a great subject in every way!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Because what would a holiday be with out Drake?!

The cutest MONSTER!!! Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've been tagged!

Thanks A LOT Wendy!

4 Things I did today:

  1. Drove a little girl who missed the bus to school... we won't mention any names... KENEDEY!

  2. Cleaned my house... yes I dusted mom... I really don't like that chore.

  3. Did a photo shoot with my favorite assistant, of an adorable infant named Landon... stay tuned for that sneek peek!

  4. Didn't cook dinner!

4 Things on my To Do List:

  1. Edit

  2. Edit

  3. Edit

  4. ummm... Edit!!! Gosh I hate editing!

4 Guilty Pleasures:

  1. Nick Lachey ;-)

  2. Choc. Chip Cookie Monster dessert

  3. Sleeping in!

  4. Days without kids! (Don't get me wrong, I love those little buggers!)

4 Random Facts about me:

  1. I have had 11 different jobs

  2. I have a love affair with the colors blue and brown! :-)

  3. I smell everything... it's the weirdest thing but I can't help it.

  4. I have a blanket that i've had for about 6 years and it's what i cover up with when I'm hanging out at home... everyone who has been over always wants to steal my blanket!

Im not tagging anyone... but if you want to do this on your blog... consider yourself tagged!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One more

I am attempting to do more indoor photography. I hate to tell people no when they want some indoor pictures... honestly babies and little ones... no problem. But I just feel like indoor puts kids on the spot and makes them uncomfortable and that is SO not my style for photo shoots. I end up feeling stifled in my creativity... but im attempting! If I spend time playing with the kids and capturing them interacting with their families during a shoot... I'm a happy girl and it shows in the pictures!
Little Miss A came out to my place today and we attempted a few indoor... but still natural light... photographs of her! Her mom took her to JCPenny's and walked away with nothing that she liked, I sure hope these capture her how she is at 2!!! She was pretty slow to warm up, but after we tried dancing, playing outside, posing with sister, some milk.... we got a couple!!! I just love her sweet little face! She's TWO and two year old little girls are THE CUTEST!!!


Oh my goodness... this session was SUCH a fun one! First of all Victoria was just adorable and had the most amazing smile! Her dad MADE this session! I told him that I really didn't feel like I did much work at all other than working my camera! He was all over the place, creating different looks for her and finding all the good spots and backgrounds! I love it! Most people are just like... oh whatever you think will look good! I thought it was totally awesome to have a dad so excited about his daughter's shoot!

Victoria on the otherhand... I think she was mortified!!! She handled him really well and I know she appreciates how he is but it was cute to watch her look at him... like... "SERIOUSLY dad???" Fun times! Guess it's one you nor I will ever forget right Victora?! Now just imagine how he will act when you get married one day... Watch out girlfriend!!! ;-)
From what Victoria said, it sounds like she is headed to college for ultrasound tech! Such a great field! They drove all the way from the Detroit area to do this shoot in Grass Lake, I think we found the greatest location. A lot of people ask me what are some of my favorite locations, this is BY.FAR.MY.FAVORITE. There is just a huge variety of different textures and land areas... love it!
Victoria it was great hanging out with you guys today! You did a wonderful job! And for me your dad was extremely entertaining... I've never had someone stop by a random house and ask if it would be OK to use their pumpkins and stone for a picture! Good times!!!

The Hunt Family!

I had such a great session with this adorable, loving family! I never once felt like it was a lot of work to photograph 16 people! They were all brave enough to get out in the icky weather! It was great as long as the sun stayed out! I have a feeling this next weekend is going to wrap up our outdoor sessions for awhile... bummer. I hate Michigan sometimes!

Anyway, a photoshoot with 16 people I was sure it would be a ton of work esp with all those kids, these kids were all exceptionally well behaved. The dad's of each family are brothers! It's obvious they are a tightly knit family. If I am not mistaken, I believe all of them are teachers and police officers. Correct me if I am wrong guys but I think that's what Teri told me! I admire teachers and public service official and I don't think they get the thanks they deserve. So just wanted to take a minute to say just that! Thank you to ALL of you! ;-) For those of you teacher's who read my blog and if you aren't aware, now is a good time to mention it... as a public way of saying thank you for all you do for all kids, Touch of Love Photography ALWAYS offers a 20% discount to all teachers. It doesn't matter what school district or anything... ALWAYS 20% off.

I had so much fun with all of you! It's always great to get back out there and get some creative photography going again! I'm feeling stifled inside with indoor portraits! You have a beautiful family and are all so lucky to have kids in the same age ranges! That must make for some great memories!!!

Onto the photos... the good stuff...
You may recognize Mr. Ethan from his photo shoot over the summer... I did NOT pose him for this picture... I just happened to look over and he was all set and ready like hurry up Kari, I'm all set here and posing for you! Ethan your the best!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Calling all infants!

First of all let me say Thank You SO much to all of you who entered the "casting call". We had an overwhelming response to the request. A winner has been chosen. I will be contacting the winner by email. Again thank you so much I am so humbled by some of the responses I recieved and on top of that the kids who I have never seen or met came out of the woodwork! Wow you all have some cute kids... I can't believe I EVER thought I would be able to make a decision on my own. Thank God I didn't have to I've got some great helpers!

Now... onto the next project we are working on. As you know if you read this blog regularly, I am part of the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Foundation. In case you aren't familiar, in a nut shell, it is Infant Beverment Photography that is offered to parents who have lost a baby, weather it be still born just taken too soon, we are on call and come to the hospital on a volunteer basis to capture those precious moments with the newborn. I have been asked to become the Area Coordinator for the area where I live.

Here's where you come in. I need to have several photographers lined up behind me so that if I am unable to go to the hospital there is back up. I currently only have 2 photographers who I can contact. Tyler who is my assistant is very interested in participating in this as a photographer. He has a ton of experience with weddings, portraits, sports and general photography, however, babies isn't something he has had an opportunity to spend a lot of time photographing. I would like to offer a session where both Tyler and I will be there, we will run this as a "teaching" session so that I can show him the in's and outs of the best ways I have been trained and have found to get the best images out of an infant session.

They say practice makes perfect. So... I am offering ONE free session. You will recieve 1 free wall portrait (11x14), 1 free 8x10, 8 free wallets and a proof book from your session. On top of that any additional prints will be discounted at 20%.

Please contact me at: if you are interested. Also if you know someone who has an infant 3 months and under please pass this information along to them. This will be a first come first serve basis so please let us know as soon as possible!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Casting Call...

This is my first official Casting Call and I intend to make it a fun one!

So when you think Casting Call do you think... mmm.. modeling?

Well if you do, that's "kind of" what I'm looking for. Here's my vision because if you know me... I always have one.

I need someone, preferably a child(ren), who is/are great in front of a camera, fun personality(s), adorable, has great outfits for a Christmas photo shoot, and who's family wants some free pictures! Also, you must be able and willing to come to my studio.

I will be offering one free Wall Portrait (11x14), 1 (8x10), 2 (5x7)'s, and 25 4x6 one-sided Christmas Cards (these can be upgraded for a small cost). Any other purchases from the session will be offered at 20% off the photo contract price.

Most of the session will be all about Christmas because that is my reason for needing a model(s). My children are SO not into "posing" for me!

I know it seems like ugh... I SO don't want to do the Christmas thing yet to many of you, but just think... you will be SO ahead of the rest! When it's time to send out cards and gifts for Christmas you will be all over that!!!

All you have to do is send a photograph of your child to my email address and I will choose the child from there for the session.

Email me @:

Thank you in advance for your interest! I will take entries until Thursday and then will choose someone over the weekend!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Warning: BIG sneek peek!

I figured it was about time for a footsie shot! I haven't done that in a long time... LOVE IT! Youngest brother and his wife!
The whole clan!
The only sister and her husband!
Miss K, actin' so cute!
Miss K with mom and dad (dad is oldest brother)!
A little photo overload! I usually try to keep my sneek peek's to 5 photos and under... however... this is an exception because it really is like 3 families that = 1.

You might remember little Miss K from her photo session with her cousins back in May. She was much more interested in her photo shoot today! Way to go Miss K!!! I am so proud of you! You gave some awesome smiles today!

I absolutely fell in love with this family right away today! They have an obvious love for each other however they spend a lot of their time picking on each other! Right up my alley! They did these photos for the 3 siblings parents as a surprise! I hope Miss K doesn't spill the beans to grandma and grandpa this afternoon!
Apparently... they are HUGE OHIO State fans and.... ---------> he's NOT!!!
I LOVE their willingness to show their sense of humor!

I think they are rubbing off on Miss K!


I took my camera outside because I know how quickly these leaves are going to be gone! I plan to come back to these pics when I get all depressed about the ugly, no leaves, dead looking, winter Michigan months. Yuck!

Friday, October 10, 2008

More for the girls!

Let's hear it for the girls... lol... Told you they rocked their shoot! I have gotten about 10 emails/phone calls telling me how "Abbey Road/Beatles" the 1st sneek peek photo is! I have to agree!
The famous "B"

I didn't like this one at first, the shadows just seemed soo... "like a no-no"... thanks Tyler for talking me into it!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My girls!!!

Oh yea... can you believe it's been nearly a year since our last photo shoot with the girls of Salon Breathe... wow, time flies. Their staff has grown and so has their ability to take care awesome of you! If you haven't stopped in for your Salon Tour or service... Do it already, you will be impressed!

This is sneek peek 1 of 2, so stay tuned and check back tomorrow! I'll have more of their sneek peek!

Drake... the best holiday model!

As you all know since you came to this page... Drake has made an apperance as my new header for my blog! I LOVE fall, halloween, orange, pumpkins... so it only seemed fitting that it was time to update the look! I tried to do something cute with my kids and make my son look like a little farmer in his carhartts... what is it about Carhart's anyway??? I'm sorry but really he didn't look near as cute as I thought he would in that outfit... bummer (I really should have shown the pics of him throwning more fits because I wanted him to wear the jacket for a few pictures... he had other plans. So thank you Drake, you saved the October Blog header! LOL

Drake's mommy NEVER lets me down with a photo shoot for all holidays/seasons! Thanks Kayla! Can you believe how much he has grown? Go back to last December in the archives at the bottom and see how much he has changed... CRAZY! I'm sure we will do something for Thanksgiving... but after that will be his ONE YEAR photoshoot! Should I cry now or later?! Yeah he is JUST.ABOUT.WALKING... seriously... already???

My Kids!

I love them! What more can I say?!

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