Sunday, August 31, 2008

I had the most amazing Senior session. It turned out so great that I couldn't even choose a few photos to share, so I made a slide show so that you could see them all!

This is Angie! She was an absolute natural in front of the camera and everything I asked her to do, it felt like she was reading my mind! I never did any specific posing of her just asked her to try different poses and it was like, "BAM" she got it!

Angie, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture this exciting time in for you last year of school! She has plans to go into maybe some photography with journalism! Right up my alley! I could tell she definitely has a creative mind I think that career suits her perfectly!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Butterball #10!

Not really, but here again is one of those babies where I expect im going to shoot a little tiny baby and I see these WONDERFUL little rolls, smiles, coos, and giggles when I get there! Mr. J was about as happy as they come. He was just content to have someone talking to him!

Already has so many facial expressions from a scowl as you will see here and then the cutest dimple when he grins! Awwww!!! Love it!

This little guy is part of the grow with me baby plan now, so you will be seeing him LOTS around here over the next year! I can't wait to watch him in this first year. I get really attached to my grow with me babies! I was thinking last night when I got home from his photo shoot that in about 18 years, I will be going to all these high school graduations because these families really become part of my family after getting the chance to capture all those precious moments of their babies first year! You guys were wonderful to work with! Can't wait for his next shoot. Please don't let him grow to fast! I might cry when I see him next time ;-) I have a feeling he is going to grow fast... nahhh how could I when he flashes that little smile with that dimple?!

Adoring big sister and little sweetness!

Ok, I know that's a really cheezy blog title, but I am not feeling particularly creative this late at night and that's exactly what they were.

I had so much fun with my new little friend Miss M! Hi M!!! She spent time showing me all her "stuffies" (stuffed animals) and told me all about how busy her upcoming school year is going to be. Oh to be 8 again! I love that age, they are still a "little girl", but have so much understanding of the world and people too! When M grows up she wants to be a veteranarian and I am pretty sure she is WELL on her way! She told me all about her cat Orange Julius and some of the silly things her cat does! He was sitting in the window watching M while we were outside playing!
Then there is the new little one.... Miss S! She is so sweet. I have these wonderful butterball babies all around me! I must have like 15 clients who have 3 month old babies. It never seizes to amaze me how much they grow in those first 3 months. I sometimes expect to get there and see these little tiny babies however, I get these smiliey little butter balls! LOVE IT!!! Miss S spends her days cooing, giggling and watching her big sister! It was obvious how much little S already looks up to her big sis!
It was wonderful spending time with you all! You have a wonderful family and M... thanks for being such a great sport and showing me all your tricks 100 times on the trampoline!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Just what I needed...

I have found over the past few months that I really like being my own boss. It's more work than I could have ever imagined; however, it's also more rewarding than I ever dreamed possible.

I have gotten into a routine to where some of the things I am doing with photography were feeling monontanous... not fun. I realize that this shouldn't always be fun, but some circumstances have left me feeling burnt. It's not necessary to go into detail, and believe me I'm Ok, however... it had set my passion for photography off my intended path. Not a place I enjoy being.

Well... why do I share all of this?

Yesterday I went to a seminar in Detroit that I absolutely enjoyed and needed. The seminar was called Bellies & Babies (be sure and check out that site). Not surprisingly, I took away some incredible tips, tricks and ideas to try and use. However, more importantly... I was once again inspired.

I wanted to give a huge Shout out "Sam" Puc' who was the Master Photographer. Her approach to the way she conducted the seminar never left me bored. I felt like I was hanging on her every word!

So, just wanted to share the excitement that I came home with, it's been nearly 24 hours and my mind is still reeling! Now that's good stuff!

I will be attending her seminars over the next 3 years. In April she will be back with a Toddler's to Teens seminar! I'm not sure I can wait that long!

If you are interested in checking out her work you can view it at: I feel very prividleged to have been "trained" by such a talented businesswoman and photographer!

Thanks Sam!

Leave it to him!

Well, I got the privildge to do some Senior Pictures for my cousin Zachary! He lives up in Grand Rapids (Trufant to be exact) and he is so far from the ordinary kid! Now keep in mind, I have had some "unusual" sessions, but Zach never let me down as far as his wants for his session went!

Let me take you back, I used to babysit Zach and his sister Lindsey quite a bit when they were little, so I got to spend lots of quality time with them and our family is very close. Now I just can't help but feel a little weepy eyed when I see how grown up he is already. Like our other cousin Jessica says... he is only 11 right? For some reason he is like stuck at 11 for me!

When I say out of the ordinary maybe you are expecting to see something like gothic, or punk or something like that... nope not even that ordinary! I had to laugh because Zach's choice for the first part of his session included cut off sweat pants and a cut off t shirt... from there it went to a powder puff football shirt and even a dodge ball shirt! Nope he's not even a "redneck"... errr maybe he is (wink wink ;-), but he cleans up really well too! I was trying to think of how to explain "who" Zach is... it's impossible i've decided... I just can't do it! He is a really great kid, get's awesome grades in school, plays football, guitar has lots of good friends, but is so his OWN person! What can you NOT love about that?!

Zach really wanted something that was NOT your typical Senior session. I have decided to post the sneak peek with pics that are "semi-normal" ;-) I just didn't want new clients visiting this site and seeing some the crazy ones and thinking that's all I can do! However, I promise Zach... we did get some fun ones. I will have your proofs up very soon for you to see!

One last interesting fact about Zach's session! You can't see his feet in all of these, however... he NEVER wore shoes the entire time, all while walking in the weeds, fields, climbing trees, and scary alleys. ;-) That's Zach for ya!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I almost forgot...

I just shut down my computer and realized I still had a session that I hadn't gotten the chance to share.

Meet the most precious little butterball you have ever seen! He is so snuggly and sweet and has these amazing blue eyes! He is JUST 2 months old! He's gonna be a heart breaker! This is Jonah. I throughly enjoyed his svisiting with their new baby.... What were the chances that it happened to be Teresa's friend! It was one of those... woah what a small world kind of moments. We both figured it was meant to be!ession also. He has the most adorable parents who are both just smitten with him. My favorite Teresa once again referred these guys to me originally! Teresa... what can I do for you? On top of that, I was at my grandpa's house for him to take my car and fix it, and they had some friends

I was really looking forward to this session because Beth and Andy wanted to go to a park in Ann Arbor, Michigan where they were engaged (awww)! Unfortunately, the area where we planned to go was closed, so we settled for a close by extension of the same park. Jonah was not terribly excited about our plan... after all, we did wake him up from his nap, what did we expect?!
Thank you Beth and Andy for having me do your pictures! I througly enjoyed it! You have one special little guy.

Not fair!

This was just one of those photo shoots where we just instantly hit it off. Angie was referred to me by my best client Teresa ;-) from Salon Breathe. Some clients just make my job so fun and easy that it just doesn't feel like this should be work, this maternity session was just that! Angie was up for absolutely anything for her shoot and we definitely got some great shots!

Seriously, is it even remotely fair when some women look this beautiful when they are 8 months + pregnant? Not even ONE stretch mark had to be edited on her belly. Stunning! I was going through all of these pictures editing them the other night and I honestly think you should have been a pregnant model! She definitely has that pregnancy glow! Little Mr. Ashton will be here sometime within the next month or so! Can't wait to meet him!

Any of you mommy to be's out there considering a maternity session, but just feel like ugh, I don't want pictures of me pregnant..... that was how I felt... I am NOT cute pregnant person. However... I will be the first to tell you that you really should think about it because these pictures only get better with time. The sentimental value that maternity photos have for people cannot be over estimated. I really wish I had some good pictures of me pregnant for my kids. Not because I like pics of myself, quite the contrary, I perfer to be BEHIND the camera. However, as I look back now at pictures of myself that are just snapshots from my pregnancy days, I really wish I could have captured some just for memory's sake. It really is such a short yet special period of time in your life and it's gone just like that. So again mommy's-to-be.... call for your maternity session! I promise you won't be disappointed.

And I thought one boy was a lot of work!

Well, just take a look at this! How would you like to have THREE of them? I can barely handle the one that I have. I give their parents a TON of credit... this is not easy work! These little guys were so cool! I completely enjoyed them. The youngest is way into wearing super hero type capes. He was very unhappy until we just let him wear it! Luckly for his mom and dad we were able to convince him that he needed a break from his cape! However, I loved the fact that it was exactly who he is and we sure got that!
Thank you very much guys for being patient while I put your sneak peek up! It was lots of fun hangin' with you and the boys! They are all so sweet!

Ahhhh.... to have internet again!

I FINALLY got my Sprint Card today. I cannot believe it has taken them THAT LONG to get it in. I am just glad to have it again, that's all I can say. Oh, and SPRINT is not my friend. I won't complain about it here... I'll spare you! :-)

Let's get back to our regularly scheduled program. I promised a little more of Madelyn from the previous post and just because I love her and her sweetness I will indulge you! I didn't take a lot of JUST Maddie because her mommy is doing a FABULOUS job of capturing her at this age, however, mom wanted some pics of her and Madelyn. I completely understand what it's like to always be BEHIND the camera!
Anyway, thank you Riki and Andy for having me take some pics of Madelyn, I just love her!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hi all

I know I have 4 of you waiting on your sneak peeks to be posted. I am out of town and will return on Friday night and they will all be up by the end of the weekend. On top of my busy schedule, my Sprint Card (my internet access) broke, so I am waiting for Sprint to send me a new one. I am borrowing access right now and it doesn't want to let me post from here. So hang on all of you they are coming very soon! I can't wait for you all to see them! You won't be disappointed!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Miss M

Today I finally got to get some shots and family shots of Miss M and her family! Remember this belly from back in April?
Well.... HERE she is! And she is beautiful! She was so sweet and smiley while I was there today. I was stunned when Miss M got tired and I asked her mommy how they got her to sleep... get this all you sleep deprived moms... they just lay her down... and she goes to sleep. What a sweet good little girl. You two really have no idea how lucky you are with that! But you deserve it! She really couldn't be anymore precious! Almost makes me want another one... for about .01 seconds but then I remember how they grow up and act like my 2 year old and I'm SO over that! But thanks for letting me get my baby fix today. I love kissing her little chubby cheeks!
More to come... I am having internet troubles!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The quiet watchful one

Just because I liked his lashes!
This is Mason! He is the little brother to 3 older sisters! No WONDER he is pretty quiet and just sits back and observes... I would too in all that Chaos!!! His older sister Maddie has been on my blog several times, Maddie and my daughter Kenedey are very close friends and spend a fair amount of time together.

Mason just celebrated his 1st birthday!!! I finally got over there to take some pictures of him before he hits full blown toddlerhood. As I was looking though his pictures I was noticing how he is sure teetering between the two. He isn't quite walking yet... but close. It's going to be interesting to see how he changes and how he is around his sisters once he can keep up with them!

He looks like such a big boy in his hat and when he is standing up, but then the image of him sucking his thumb and crawling you see the baby still! I know these will be bittersweet to his parents because he is the last of 4 kids... thus the "baby"... and the only boy!

John and Polly I hope you guys enjoy the pics of your "little man"! He sure is a cutie... and we even managed a smile... or two!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Don & Jen..... MARRIED!

First of all... Don & Jen... thank you for being patient with me getting your sneek peek up. I'm sure you are going crazy waiting to see these! My internet card broke, so I am having to "borrow" internet access!! However... I think these images are worth the wait... and you asked for a BIG sneak peek! Well you got it!

This is the first wedding we have done this year where the weather actually cooperated! It was an absoultely GORGEOUS DAY! Jen and I both prayed hard that the weather would be nice!
Jen looked absoultely stunning and she for sure had that bridal glow you hear about! I loved how these two look at each other like they look at no one else. You can tell that Jen makes Don so happy.

They decided to see each other before the ceremony and I think that was even more special than the whole not seeing each other before. It was extra special when he tried to kiss her and everyone yelled at him! LOL what do you expect a guy to do?! Then... at the reception... the DJ... MADE Don crawl to Jen to get the garder! Too funny and Don was SUCH a good sport to do that for his new bride! Hilarious!

Because Don & Jen are such a fun couple, they elected to do the "photobooth"! Basically it's just a little set up and guests and everyone come over and act crazy silly to the camera and here's what you get! Jen was the BEST at getting her friends and family to be crazy! I think this is a new "must have" for upcoming weddings! It was so fun!

Don & Jen... it was a true pleasure to be part of your special day. We wish you the best in your future! I have NO doubt whatever the future brings for you... it will be FUN! Congratulations!

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