Monday, August 25, 2008

Leave it to him!

Well, I got the privildge to do some Senior Pictures for my cousin Zachary! He lives up in Grand Rapids (Trufant to be exact) and he is so far from the ordinary kid! Now keep in mind, I have had some "unusual" sessions, but Zach never let me down as far as his wants for his session went!

Let me take you back, I used to babysit Zach and his sister Lindsey quite a bit when they were little, so I got to spend lots of quality time with them and our family is very close. Now I just can't help but feel a little weepy eyed when I see how grown up he is already. Like our other cousin Jessica says... he is only 11 right? For some reason he is like stuck at 11 for me!

When I say out of the ordinary maybe you are expecting to see something like gothic, or punk or something like that... nope not even that ordinary! I had to laugh because Zach's choice for the first part of his session included cut off sweat pants and a cut off t shirt... from there it went to a powder puff football shirt and even a dodge ball shirt! Nope he's not even a "redneck"... errr maybe he is (wink wink ;-), but he cleans up really well too! I was trying to think of how to explain "who" Zach is... it's impossible i've decided... I just can't do it! He is a really great kid, get's awesome grades in school, plays football, guitar has lots of good friends, but is so his OWN person! What can you NOT love about that?!

Zach really wanted something that was NOT your typical Senior session. I have decided to post the sneak peek with pics that are "semi-normal" ;-) I just didn't want new clients visiting this site and seeing some the crazy ones and thinking that's all I can do! However, I promise Zach... we did get some fun ones. I will have your proofs up very soon for you to see!

One last interesting fact about Zach's session! You can't see his feet in all of these, however... he NEVER wore shoes the entire time, all while walking in the weeds, fields, climbing trees, and scary alleys. ;-) That's Zach for ya!


Aunt Angie said...

Oh the many faces of Zachary Carlton Johnson captured perfectly by his adoring cousin. What a team! We love you Kari!!! You are the only professional photographer that would ever be willing and able to capture the true Zach. We thank YOU so much!! Love, Aunt Angie

Anonymous said...

great work! love it!

Anonymous said...

great work! love it!

Anonymous said...

That our Zachary!!!!!!!!

He is soooo cute.

What great pictures

Love Aunt Sheri

tinyfrog1963 said...

Danielle and I pick the first and third pics as our favs......Zach should be a model! What a handsome guy! Love Aunt Tina

Lindsey (Sissy) said...

That is what happens when two AMAZING people create life...GREATNESS...aka Zach. My little brother is the most awesome person in this big old world. You are lucky if you ever get to meet him!!!!!

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