Thursday, August 28, 2008

Adoring big sister and little sweetness!

Ok, I know that's a really cheezy blog title, but I am not feeling particularly creative this late at night and that's exactly what they were.

I had so much fun with my new little friend Miss M! Hi M!!! She spent time showing me all her "stuffies" (stuffed animals) and told me all about how busy her upcoming school year is going to be. Oh to be 8 again! I love that age, they are still a "little girl", but have so much understanding of the world and people too! When M grows up she wants to be a veteranarian and I am pretty sure she is WELL on her way! She told me all about her cat Orange Julius and some of the silly things her cat does! He was sitting in the window watching M while we were outside playing!
Then there is the new little one.... Miss S! She is so sweet. I have these wonderful butterball babies all around me! I must have like 15 clients who have 3 month old babies. It never seizes to amaze me how much they grow in those first 3 months. I sometimes expect to get there and see these little tiny babies however, I get these smiliey little butter balls! LOVE IT!!! Miss S spends her days cooing, giggling and watching her big sister! It was obvious how much little S already looks up to her big sis!
It was wonderful spending time with you all! You have a wonderful family and M... thanks for being such a great sport and showing me all your tricks 100 times on the trampoline!


Michelle koszegi said...

oh Steph they are so cute!
She is getting so big!
and oh Morgan is growing up so much!

Sherri said...

We a great looking family. The girls are beautiful. You can feel the love oozing from the last photo. I love it!

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