Thursday, August 28, 2008

Butterball #10!

Not really, but here again is one of those babies where I expect im going to shoot a little tiny baby and I see these WONDERFUL little rolls, smiles, coos, and giggles when I get there! Mr. J was about as happy as they come. He was just content to have someone talking to him!

Already has so many facial expressions from a scowl as you will see here and then the cutest dimple when he grins! Awwww!!! Love it!

This little guy is part of the grow with me baby plan now, so you will be seeing him LOTS around here over the next year! I can't wait to watch him in this first year. I get really attached to my grow with me babies! I was thinking last night when I got home from his photo shoot that in about 18 years, I will be going to all these high school graduations because these families really become part of my family after getting the chance to capture all those precious moments of their babies first year! You guys were wonderful to work with! Can't wait for his next shoot. Please don't let him grow to fast! I might cry when I see him next time ;-) I have a feeling he is going to grow fast... nahhh how could I when he flashes that little smile with that dimple?!

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