Saturday, October 31, 2009

Among the best...

Look at how big she has gotten!!! Oh my goodness!!!
Emma(below) doesnt even have to remotely try to take a good picture, she is so photogenic and I can honestly say she doesn't even try! She has gone from SUPER shy at her first session last year, to this session where I was asking myself... "who is this kid?" She's a big Kindergartener and has certainly become comfortable with me! You are beautiful Emma!

Megan at roughly 6 months...
I know some of you might get really sick of all of my comments about how wonderful my clients are. However, it's probably something you might just try to get used to! I have had the opportunity to photograph little Megan several times over the last year. It started last fall when I did a session for their extended family. I feel like this whole family is part of mine now!

Kyle, who is Megan's mommy gave me the nicest compliment anyone could ever give about my photography. When she called and said that she wanted to put Megan into the "Babies 2 Bus Program", she said, we have done sessions with you a few times and now I just can't bring myself to go back to (*@)(()_ (one of the big chains. Kyle, that comment meant a lot. It tells me that you have felt the whole experience of what my goal is. Now, the next goal, to photograph these kids weddings when they are grown ;-) Oh wait, maybe I should slow down and just aim for Senior pics right now!

I am so thankful to have the opportunity to get to watch Megan continue to grow through the next few years. I know it's going to go by fast, so lets plan to savor the moments and memories!!!

Let's play blogging catch up!

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been neglecting my blog a bit in an effort to get caught up on other areas that need attention! A short time ago, I had the honor to do Senior pictures for Karley. Karley came all the way from Warren, MI. She is a huge fan of Michigan International Speedway and spends each race on camping on the infield with her family.

This was definitely out of my comfort zone and the surroundings felt a bit intimidating just the size and an area that was so foreign to me. I wanted to be sure I captured what Karley enjoyed about the track. Jen over at MIS was so kind to drive us around the track and help us pick out some great areas such as Winner's circle, the starter box, the stands and even a camping area across the street that was a beautiful park like area. MIS peeps, THANK YOU so much for helping make this dream a reality for Karley!

Karley, I wish you the best in the upcoming last year of high school enjoy every minute!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Holidays 2009

I know... I know... It's not even Halloween yet! I have been a total blog slacker the past week, but its not because I'm totally slacking... I have been SO busy with prepping these Holiday cards templates and working out all the stuff for Holiday events... yep, I said EVENTS!

I have a big announcement coming very soon, so be sure and stay tuned! I can give you the hint that it involves Santa and unique photographs... that's as much as I can say for now!

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is going to the mailbox everyday and when I open the mailbox and there are no bills but holiday cards from some of my friends scattered all over the states. I am always envious of how some of my friends and family are so good at getting that Christmas card mailed out and in a timely manner. I never get tired of the tradition we have of hanging all the cards in the doorway between our kitchen and living room. Everytime I walk through there I stop and look. I also have a horrible time throwing them away at the end of the holiday season. I have probably the last 3 years of holiday cards in a tote... and what am I saving them for... NO clue... all I can say is; I LIKE THEM!

Soooo in the spirit of trying to keep things simple for you, I have 10 different Holiday Greeting Cards for you to choose from. All cards are 5x7 and one sided (again keeping it simple ;-) Here;s how this will work:
  • You choose your favorite photo(s) from your session over the last year
  • You choose your favorite Card template listed above
  • I put them into a proof for you and email you a sample for your approval
  • I order the quantity you indicate
  • Orders will be placed within 24 hours of recieving your payment
  • Final cards can be expected within 7 business days.
  • Orders will include envelopes, so all you really have to do is make your choices, address the envelope, and stamp it! I will take care of the rest!
All photo greeting cards will be available for $1.25/card. They are available in quantities of 25. Again, they do include envelopes.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the cards, please feel free to email or call me. You can find my contact info listed over there -------->


Friday, October 23, 2009

Taking a MUCH needed break!

Just wanted to let all of you know that I will be out of the office beginning today and then returning Monday 10-26-09. I will return all emails first thing Monday morning.

It's the end of wedding season and the beginning of Holiday season, so I am taking this weekend to recharge my internal batteries. Hoping to regain creativity and keep things fresh by taking a minute to step away from "business".

My mom is here from Florida visiting and we are taking our annual trip to Great Wolf Lodge. I am really looking forward to the weekend... just hangin' with the fam. I am VERY tempted to not take my camera, but I know I would hate myself later if I don't, so she's coming with me.

Thank you everyone for understanding that I need a minute to step away! As always you all remain my first priority next to family and I promise ill be back ASAP! Those of you waiting on proofs... they will be up by Monday evening. Here's a very quick sneak peek to hold you over!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fun times

Karlie hangin with the guys!Love how reflective she is here!

I had the pleasure of spending some time with these adorable kiddos. We took a little walk over at Hidden Lake Gardens. I love that Hidden Lake can look so different from week to week. They have some beautiful areas and this time of year it is stunning with all the fall colors.

Miss Karlie is so sweet and absolutely loves her big brother Cameron. Cameron is an impressive young man who you can see just by his presence with his younger siblings that he takes his big brother role very seriously.

Kipke gang, it was a pleasure to meet you all and spend time with you! Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful kiddos!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Taylor & Talan

These two are SO full of life. I can't begin to explain how much fun they have together! Their bond is really very special. Taylor is definitely very motherly to her little brother yet she also isn't afraid to get right down in all the fun with him! He completely gives her a run for her money and picks on her. He kept dragging his foot down a hill as she was trying to hurry him along... it was so cute because she couldn't help but laugh at him and he was totally trying to test him!

Taylor and Talan, I had so much fun with you two! I love your zest for life and love you too!

Busy weekend

Those of you who are waiting on sneak peeks... I promise they are coming... I'm about 8 sessions deep at the moment... promise to get them up asap!

I had a great time early Sunday morning with these two beautiful families. The moms are sisters and can you believe the how stunning the eyes are on all of these kids? Shaun(the last picture) was full of giggles and smiles! Such a great age! And little Jack, he was super laid back and did so good. It wasn't exactly warm for 6 month olds! Kaitlyn was such a great helper and worked the camera like such a trooper! I think Kaitlyn's parents were a little unsure about how she might respond to me and the whole newness of the photo session experience, but she was a CHAMP!!!

Thank you all of you!!! It was wonderful meeting you. You are very blessed with such an adorable family!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Wal-Mart Guy... WARNING>>> LONG Post!

No, she didn't meet him at Wal-Mart... he didn't even work there for that matter. We have kind of "coined" him as that. Thankfully he isn't offended, instead he just lets the description of himself be a fun joke for her! Mike = "the Wal-Mart Guy"! He's great that way!

I was really nervous for this session I did over the weekend. Mostly because Kasey is a cousin of John's from the fabulous John & Ginger... yeah you know them ;-) Undoubtedly some of my best pictures to date have come from their sessions. On my drive to Kensington Metro Park, I found myself VERY nervous. I chatted with Ginger all the way there and told her that I thought her and John sucked for being such unbelievable clients. Their e-session, their wedding photos, their personalities etc... all set the bar for me VERY high when it was time do work with John's COUSIN. Seriously torture to me.... I was all... "OK, Kari... you have to nail this session and at LEAST make it as good as John and Gingers, if not better... and that has to include the EXPERIENCE". Yeah if you could have heard my inner thoughts you would likely think I am super insecure. LOL I'm not, but this whole deal was very important to me and I didn't want to let Mike and Kasey down.

I can only speak from the experience of the e-session because I try desperately to not judge my own work... or I would be highly insecure. So anyway, I met up with Mike and Kasey and took a ride to Kensington. As we drove there we all chatted with ease and I was so comfortable with them. Once inside the park, I was in awe of how beautiful the park is/was. It was a lovely fall day and the colors were radiant on the trees, the sun snuck through a cloud now and then and it was a typical "chilly" fall day.

Mike and Kasey took me to a trail that they consider to be a special spot for them. It sounds like they have spent a lot of time there. The trail has a very "Michigan" kind of feel to it. Totally Mike's kind of place. Kasey is more of a "beach girl". When I met them we figured out that her family and my family have homes in Florida very near each other. Small world! (Hello Naples/Bonita Springs Florida ;-) We watched the ducks in the ponds and chatted about how many Mike has shot that morning while duck hunting... I think at one point he said that the ducks were taunting him LOL!

I had an indescribable time with Mike and Kasey. Ill let you be the judge of the pictures, but I can say that I enjoyed them so much and my fears were quickly put to rest about not having a similar connection like I did with John and Ginger.

I must share the most touching part of the session for me. We got to a small clearing along the trail that I thought would be awesome for some pictures. Weirdly enough it had a "Twilight" feel to me. The way the sun was shining in and the atmosphere just felt like something out the Twilight movie. I mentioned it to Kasey... and she was all, "OMG I love Twilight, we have pre-purchased tickets for New Moon, and I love the books etc". I was all... "OMG me too... doesn't this feel like that?" Then WE were all, "WOW crazy it does!"

Right about that time I had asked them to tell me the story of how they met. They both looked at each other and laughed! So Kasey recounted the night that they met at a bonfire that her friend Carey took her to. Once Kasey and Carey were there she saw Mike hanging near the fire. She didn't pay any more attention to him than the thought that crossed her mind... he was kind of scary. She described him to me as like a burley scary Wal-Mart looking guy. (imagine... messy longer hair, icky flannel shirt, SO not her "type") Who HIM? I thought... I had to look at Mike again and attempt to imagine that. It wasn't easy.

At the end of that evening he asked for her number and put his flannel over her shoulders to keep her warm. She WAS not impressed! She even described how ick the flannel was! LOL Karey (the friend who brought her to the bonfire) said to her, "if you don't give him your number I will." So she obliged. She recounted for me how he called her and they ended up going out because she figured she might as well give it a shot, after all he DID seem like a really nice guy.

As you can see... the rest is bygone days and they are SO in love.... TRULY. However, I couldn't help myself so I asked Mike, "Was it love at first sight for you when you saw her?" His response nearly brought tears to my eyes and it was NOT what he said. When I asked that question and he looked at her, the answer was indesputable. I felt the emotion if that explains anything. He just looked at her and his eyes said it all... (stating the obvious)... he said, "I don't know but it was SOMETHING."Mike & Kasey. Thank you for being total rock stars. Kasey, your Wal-Mart guy has come a long way in his outer apperance but more importantly I love who you two are together. You both have done marvelous in finding your match. Mike, your American Eagle wearing girl couldn't fit you better! Love you two!!!

Here's the proof that it was hands DOWN an AMAZING session: We saw these deer in "their meadow" and I was seriously within about 10 yards of this deer. Four of them just stood there as I approached... not scared, but cautious. It was incredible.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Tara & Jeffery... ENGAGED!!!

I couldn't leave this shot (above) out... this was about the time we got Jeff to loosen up! All it took was Tara squishing him!! Who knew?! lol

My fav (below):

I'm beginning to feel like a broken record about how wonderful all my clients are. I don't mean to bore you, but seriously I am a lucky girl.

Tara and Jeff were so much fun to work with. They are a super easy going couple who are completely crazy about each other. She makes him comfortable and he makes her laugh! A perfect combination!!! It never gets old watching couples who are so admiring and complacent in the company of each other.

Their wedding is going to be such a great time, there was even talk of a REALLY awesome cake topper idea. I really enjoy hearing about all the little details of the whole planning process. Engagement sessions are such a great way to get to "know" your photographer before your big day. I think it's so important to guys as well, no matter how much they gripe. Getting them comfortable with the photographer before the date is a huge obstacle. It's great from my perspective because I then have a good feel for the grooms personality and it really helps walking into photograph a wedding and not having to "get to know" one of the most important people. Like today I learned that Jeff is a big smart &$$ and loves to have a good time and is absolutely crazy about Tara ;-) Good times!!!

Tara and Jeff, thank you so much for getting me out of Swine Flu haven today (YES world... my children have the SWINE FLU!) It's a glamorous life I lead I tell ya! I had such a great time with you and felt a great connection with the two of you! Can't wait for your wedding next year!!! It will be here before you know it!

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