Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sweet Landon

So this little guy was a total trooper on Sunday. It was only about 50 degrees out, but he hung right in there and let us do our thing to get his 3 month pictures DONE! I knew this would likely be the only time we would get outdoor pictures of him before he was near walking so we did it! In some of his pictures he has such a old soul look, kinda like he is way wiser than all of us. He kept looking at me like... "what the heck are you doing lady... do you NOT realize that it's way too cold for a little guy out here?"

In the end, we did get some great smiles out of him and truly... he was a total trooper. He gets the award for toughest baby ever! ;-) Landon is another one of my Bebe' Collection little guys and just so you get to see the difference a VERY short time can make... here he was at just over a week old just a short time ago. He had crazy hair back then and he still does have a ton of hair! LOVE it!

You are such a sweet baby Landon. Thanks for hanging in there this weekend. I know your mommy and daddy love you so much... you can see it in these pictures! Can't wait for you to see the rest!

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