Monday, October 19, 2009

The Wal-Mart Guy... WARNING>>> LONG Post!

No, she didn't meet him at Wal-Mart... he didn't even work there for that matter. We have kind of "coined" him as that. Thankfully he isn't offended, instead he just lets the description of himself be a fun joke for her! Mike = "the Wal-Mart Guy"! He's great that way!

I was really nervous for this session I did over the weekend. Mostly because Kasey is a cousin of John's from the fabulous John & Ginger... yeah you know them ;-) Undoubtedly some of my best pictures to date have come from their sessions. On my drive to Kensington Metro Park, I found myself VERY nervous. I chatted with Ginger all the way there and told her that I thought her and John sucked for being such unbelievable clients. Their e-session, their wedding photos, their personalities etc... all set the bar for me VERY high when it was time do work with John's COUSIN. Seriously torture to me.... I was all... "OK, Kari... you have to nail this session and at LEAST make it as good as John and Gingers, if not better... and that has to include the EXPERIENCE". Yeah if you could have heard my inner thoughts you would likely think I am super insecure. LOL I'm not, but this whole deal was very important to me and I didn't want to let Mike and Kasey down.

I can only speak from the experience of the e-session because I try desperately to not judge my own work... or I would be highly insecure. So anyway, I met up with Mike and Kasey and took a ride to Kensington. As we drove there we all chatted with ease and I was so comfortable with them. Once inside the park, I was in awe of how beautiful the park is/was. It was a lovely fall day and the colors were radiant on the trees, the sun snuck through a cloud now and then and it was a typical "chilly" fall day.

Mike and Kasey took me to a trail that they consider to be a special spot for them. It sounds like they have spent a lot of time there. The trail has a very "Michigan" kind of feel to it. Totally Mike's kind of place. Kasey is more of a "beach girl". When I met them we figured out that her family and my family have homes in Florida very near each other. Small world! (Hello Naples/Bonita Springs Florida ;-) We watched the ducks in the ponds and chatted about how many Mike has shot that morning while duck hunting... I think at one point he said that the ducks were taunting him LOL!

I had an indescribable time with Mike and Kasey. Ill let you be the judge of the pictures, but I can say that I enjoyed them so much and my fears were quickly put to rest about not having a similar connection like I did with John and Ginger.

I must share the most touching part of the session for me. We got to a small clearing along the trail that I thought would be awesome for some pictures. Weirdly enough it had a "Twilight" feel to me. The way the sun was shining in and the atmosphere just felt like something out the Twilight movie. I mentioned it to Kasey... and she was all, "OMG I love Twilight, we have pre-purchased tickets for New Moon, and I love the books etc". I was all... "OMG me too... doesn't this feel like that?" Then WE were all, "WOW crazy it does!"

Right about that time I had asked them to tell me the story of how they met. They both looked at each other and laughed! So Kasey recounted the night that they met at a bonfire that her friend Carey took her to. Once Kasey and Carey were there she saw Mike hanging near the fire. She didn't pay any more attention to him than the thought that crossed her mind... he was kind of scary. She described him to me as like a burley scary Wal-Mart looking guy. (imagine... messy longer hair, icky flannel shirt, SO not her "type") Who HIM? I thought... I had to look at Mike again and attempt to imagine that. It wasn't easy.

At the end of that evening he asked for her number and put his flannel over her shoulders to keep her warm. She WAS not impressed! She even described how ick the flannel was! LOL Karey (the friend who brought her to the bonfire) said to her, "if you don't give him your number I will." So she obliged. She recounted for me how he called her and they ended up going out because she figured she might as well give it a shot, after all he DID seem like a really nice guy.

As you can see... the rest is bygone days and they are SO in love.... TRULY. However, I couldn't help myself so I asked Mike, "Was it love at first sight for you when you saw her?" His response nearly brought tears to my eyes and it was NOT what he said. When I asked that question and he looked at her, the answer was indesputable. I felt the emotion if that explains anything. He just looked at her and his eyes said it all... (stating the obvious)... he said, "I don't know but it was SOMETHING."Mike & Kasey. Thank you for being total rock stars. Kasey, your Wal-Mart guy has come a long way in his outer apperance but more importantly I love who you two are together. You both have done marvelous in finding your match. Mike, your American Eagle wearing girl couldn't fit you better! Love you two!!!

Here's the proof that it was hands DOWN an AMAZING session: We saw these deer in "their meadow" and I was seriously within about 10 yards of this deer. Four of them just stood there as I approached... not scared, but cautious. It was incredible.

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