Saturday, October 31, 2009

Among the best...

Look at how big she has gotten!!! Oh my goodness!!!
Emma(below) doesnt even have to remotely try to take a good picture, she is so photogenic and I can honestly say she doesn't even try! She has gone from SUPER shy at her first session last year, to this session where I was asking myself... "who is this kid?" She's a big Kindergartener and has certainly become comfortable with me! You are beautiful Emma!

Megan at roughly 6 months...
I know some of you might get really sick of all of my comments about how wonderful my clients are. However, it's probably something you might just try to get used to! I have had the opportunity to photograph little Megan several times over the last year. It started last fall when I did a session for their extended family. I feel like this whole family is part of mine now!

Kyle, who is Megan's mommy gave me the nicest compliment anyone could ever give about my photography. When she called and said that she wanted to put Megan into the "Babies 2 Bus Program", she said, we have done sessions with you a few times and now I just can't bring myself to go back to (*@)(()_ (one of the big chains. Kyle, that comment meant a lot. It tells me that you have felt the whole experience of what my goal is. Now, the next goal, to photograph these kids weddings when they are grown ;-) Oh wait, maybe I should slow down and just aim for Senior pics right now!

I am so thankful to have the opportunity to get to watch Megan continue to grow through the next few years. I know it's going to go by fast, so lets plan to savor the moments and memories!!!

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