Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Mini Sessions - Chelsea, MI photographer

Finally have a date set for Mini Sessions!

One of my absolute favorite locations is downtown Chelsea, MI. It's so quaint, classy and casual. It offers SO many options for different photo settings that are unique and fun all at the same time. So, that's why I decided on Chelsea. Those of you coming from my area... believe me, it's worth it! Due to a busy summer around here, I will only be offering mini sessions one time this summer and this is the date. A maximum of 4 people will be allowed in each mini session. However... if you have more kiddos than is allowed, just give me a call, and we will work this into the time frame accordingly. Currently I have only 4 slots left, so you will need to act quickly. A signed contract and full payment of package is due upon booking to secure your session time.

Mini sessions are great for those who aren't in the market for a full blown session and would like just a few images for their home. These images are great for showing off your adorable family on Facebook and can even be used for Holiday cards! It's never too soon to think about that!

Each mini session will yield about 10-15 proofs and will last a maximum of 30 minutes.

I will have several openings for times, many are already taken, but I still have some time slots remaining.

Saturday, July 23, 2011
9am: - FULL
9:30: - FULL
10:00 - FULL
10:30 - FULL
11:15am- OPEN
12:00 pm - OPEN
12:45pm - OPEN
1:30 - OPEN

Mini sessions are so much fun! Basically we shoot for 30 minutes and have a few minutes buffer just for those who take a few extra minutes to warm up! I will run these mini sessions just like a typical session. However, outfits should be limited (no clothing changes). Bring any props you would like, anything that fits you, your child, or what your vision is... the possiblities are endless!

Please contact me by phone: 239-691-7010 or email: to schedule your time. If the remaining open slots fill, I will consider opening one or 2 more. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Can't wait! xoxo Kari

Sunday, July 3, 2011

SummerTIME! Brooklyn, MI Photographer

So many things going on in our lives around my place right now... busy busy busy, but not the too busy type. We are doing all kinds of things around here that are so much fun and so much family time. Of course my blog always takes the backseat... thank you blog for understanding, and my readers too for understanding ;). I have been trying to make some commitments over the last year and really stick with them and I thought I would take some time to tell you a little about those. I try to stay active in Facebook, but blogging is a commitment!

I can't recall if I have shared this on my blog or not so I apologize if this is repetitive... Back on November 16, 2010, I had Lap Band (Weight Loss) Surgery. I have struggled with my weight my entire life and I am embarrassed now to admit... my weight was OUT.OF.CONTROL. I had no clue then how out of hand it was. I couldn't get a grip on it myself, and after a lot of soul searching, doctor searching, and taking a huge leap of faith... the surgery was a huge success. I had zero complications, started feeling great right away and have adjusted to this new way of life seemingly. I LOVE it. Not the surgery... but for the full throttle dive I took into life since having the surgery. Today... I am down 60 lbs. and by far not done loosing. I still have a ways to go to where I would like to be, but im much closer than I was 60 lbs ago.

I listen to a radio program on Family Life Radio called Intentional Living, it airs weekdays at 4 (if you ever want to check it out), but it's really inspired me to live my life and also encouraged me to inspire my family to really live our everyday lives with Intention. I am so pleased with where this has taken us...

I have been steadily working out in the gym and now pounding pavement (since the weather broke) to get into shape. I followed a training program of some sort, but mostly just consistently kicked my own butt in the gym and on the road as well. After 6 months of INTENTIONALLY sticking with it... I participated in my first Mini Sprint Triathalon (click on link for pictures)!!! (On Sunday June 28th). I cant even begin to put words to how incredible it feels and felt that day to FINISH what I set out to do. I kept trying to think of how to describe the feeling of the finish, and the only thing I can compare it to... is giving birth to one of my kids. WEIRD right?! I guess it's that post adrenaline rush, the endurance, the perservence... No, I didn't get a beautiful child in the end, but I did get a whole boatload of self esteem, a stronger mind and body (I had no clue were in there), and proud cheers from family and friends which brought me so much joy. These are the kinds of things I want my kids to see me accomplishing in life. I do it for them as well as myself.

I have been doing things with the kids too since school has been out. We have been to the Toledo Zoo, the beach numerous times, play dates with friends, visits to grandparents, hanging out at the lake, visits with out of town friends, 5 generation pictures with my family, family pictures, doctors appointments with Kenedey for her broken thumb :), bonfires in our backyard, a trip to Frankenmuth (that was a blast... errr not!) and a lot of relaxing in the backyard with my Unlimited by Jillian Michaels book! Today, we topped it off with a trip to Domino Farms in Ann Arbor (insert big fat BORING here), and then went to Calder Dairy Farm.

So anyway... just wanted to update you to let you know I am still here... still doing lots of photo shoots, and throughly enjoying LIFE and SUMMER!! Hope you are as well!

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