Friday, April 30, 2010

Sweet Ava

I am having a horrible time staying on top of updating my blog. Ahhhh. stay with me though, good things are coming and I will get back with it! With the convenience of just quickly posting to Facebook and a busy Spring, it just seems time flies by and I am left kicking myself for not updating the blog.

Anyway... I wanted to be sure to get this sweet sweet girl up. Ava was only 7 days old here and had the sweetest spirit even as a newborn. She was super easy going and just let me move her any ol' way! I have lots of upcoming newborns and maternity sessions, CAN'T wait!

Enjoy, and stay tuned for an upcoming post I am working on to help you with saving your own photos and how to protect losing digital files.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sweet girls!

There is just something I love about watching sisters interact. I don't have 2 girls, so watching sisters be together is not something I get to watch all the time. My mom has 2 sisters and the bond between the 3 of them is definitely something all of us benefit from. These girls... have the SWEETEST connection already. Little Emma absolutely adores watching her big sister Courtney. If Courtney was near, there was a guaranteed smile!

7 months is a tough age to take outside when it's cold, but luckly we were able to go inside at Hidden Lake Gardens, but still have the outdoor feel. Annette, the beautiful mommy of these girls owns Sacred Touch Massage here in Brooklyn. Be sure and stop by their website and check out all the wonderful things going on @ Sacred Touch!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

350th POST!

Wow can't believe this is my 350th post. When I started this blog... I honestly thought there was no way I would be able to keep going at this... however... it's really become a part of who I am and a huge part of what my wonderful clients expect from me. I can honestly say... I STILL enjoy doing my blog... at times I feel a little uninspired, other times VERY inspired to get the words "onto paper" but all in all... I am SO happy I have this blog to look back on.

So.... the 350th post is PERFECT for this wonderful lady! As you know (if you read regularly), we took a trip last week down to Southwest Florida. (Naples, Bonita Area) While we were there, I had the opportunity to photograph Debra Koert of Colour U Salon in Bonita Springs. She was so much fun and so willing to give anything a try. I dispise being on that side of the camera, so anyone who is that confident in front of the camera and actually enjoys it... is a hero in my book ;-)

Debra recently turned 50!!! I think you will all agree she looks amazing! Thanks for being a total Rockstar Debra! It was truly my pleasure!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ella & Weston

I am SWAMPED after going on vacation for a week, but I have to share these two really quick! Don't you just love the little Fedora hat? I cannot believe Weston is already 9 months old. Where does the time go?! And Miss Ella... she has turned into a total camera ham! She has the sweetest personality and was all about posing for her pictures this time! GREAT ages! Love you all!


Lauren said the funniest thing to me the day we were leaving... Kenedey said, "lauren, you can come back to Michigan with us" (Lauren has just recently moved from MI to FL) and Laure said... "well I think I will stay here for a long time... BUT i'll send ya a postcard"! LOL Smart girl!

My best girl Lauren! Isn't she beautiful? Carson

Carson's pigs

Watching the birds!

Carson came down with Strep Throat THE DAY we left... he was so pitiful :-( This was taken that first day... AFTER Motrin :-)

Our Florida time could not have been better. Lots of time with family and pure relaxation. I felt so rejuvenated when I returned.... lets just hope I can make that feeling last ;-)
I went to the beach and pier in Naples one night to practice beach shots for my destination wedding. It was a lot of fun and I would be a happy girl if I could shoot there EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Adios... we are off for a week of family, fun and sunny skies! Happy Easter! See you when we return!

*These pics are from last year... more to come when we return!

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