Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Check out these adorable little guys! Harrison & Jackson are your typical VERY busy two year olds! We had a great time last night basically just following them around the yard watching them explore!

This first shot we caught for grandpa because apparently he is a MSU fan (boooo) can't believe I just put MSU on my blog ;-) I love this shot though because it's as if he is pointing out to his brother, "now see buddy THIS is our team!"

H & J have been staying with their grandparents for the past month, so I was super excited when their aunt Karmen (who is the Creative Memories guru!!! be sure and check out her site) asked me if I could run over and do some bday pictures for the boys! I was all... Heck ya... and twins... wow even better!

Here is big sister Kayla and cousin Whitney! Don't you just love the color the these girls eyes! K, im cutting this post short because I want to get this sneek peek up for Grandma, I think they are heading to Florida tomorrow to get back to their parents. Thank you family for the opportunity to caputre your family and the boys 2nd bday!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You MUST check this one out!

I love love love this post that JVo over at Vertizonal did on rules for wearing shorts for men.

Go read it... u will laugh.

My favs: #13 (I can so relate to the OMG you look soooo cute)!!! LOL
and #18... seriously I will be watching for "that guy" at Starbucks... but I don't think I could punch him in the earhole, there might be scary things in there!


Ok so here we are again... This is little Landon... you might remember him from this post way back 6 months ago! I still see all the little features that I thought were so special then in him, like his big beautiful pouty lips and those big eyes (which have turned an amazing blue) and that little dimple in his chin! Those chin dimples get me everytime because my little guy has one and it's one of my favorite things about his little features!.... oops mommy soap box ;-)

Anyway... Landon did great for his session today. He was just super easy going and seemed to enjoy being outside... but then just as I was finishing editing his sneek peek photos I got an email from his mommy that he had run him into the doctor this evening and he has an ear infection. OMG, Landon seriously buddy, you should have give us some indication that you didn't feel well. I feel so bad that we had you out in the wind... what a trooper. Your mommy sure knows you, she knew something wasn't quite right :-( I hope you feel better very soon.

I sure can't tell AT.ALL. that he wasn't feeling well based on these pictures! Hey Miss Olivia... take a look at this little guy and his smiles... take notes because that's what we are after when I see you again later this week! ;-)

Thank you Landon and family for the opportunity to photograph Landon again... this time it was entirely my turn! I think we got some sweet shots! Enjoy!

Love this family!

So you all know by now that I am absolutely crazy about including grandparents in your children's photo sessions. This adorable family had a great shoot this past weekend. I looked at my camera when I left there and couldn't believe that I had shot over 1000 frames in the 3 hours I was there... that's insane!!! I never do that... however with so many people (4 generations) and 2 super little ones it was necessary.

First up I have to share little Ellie... I seriously considered kidnapping her and taking her home for my own personal model! She has a super friendly, easy-going, lovable personality that just shines all over the place!

How lucky are all these kids to have such wonderful grandparents. My kids are very close to their grandparents and I just think it's soooo neat when grandparents are willing to get right in there and be so involved with their grandkids. There really isn't anything that compares in my book!

This is little Jett! Talk about the weekend of photos of kids with awesome names! Poor little guy wasn't feeling too hot, so we called it a wrap and I am going to head back over when he is feeling more like himself for some smiles. Get well soon Jett... it's just not fair for little guys to be sick :-(

Esterline family it was an absolute pleasure to capture these memories for you all. I hope you enjoy your sneek peek.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Her future's so bright she has to wear shades!

I know you are all so sick of me mentioning how I can't believe how quickly my Bebe' Collection babies grow up. I feel like I JUST did Olivia's first photo shoot, but here we are at her 6 month session.... and she is turning into just the sweetest little thing... I never get sick of watching these little ones grow and Olivia is no exception!

Sooo serious!
Check out that kini (as my kids would call it)!!!

Although, im a little mad at her right now (k... I went through tonight to see if I had ONE... (just ONE Olivia)... of her smiling... NOPE!

I think she is just so annoyed by me even though I try not to make crazy faces, play dumb games, or make weird noises at her... he just wont smile!

Don't worry Ashley, let's do something one afternoon this week and see if we can get some good smiles out of her. I'm game if you girls are!

However... I have a feeling her mommy has vistited my blog already looking for her girl... so here she is! Who said great shots have to have a smile anyway? But seriously Olivia... next time can we just have one little smile??? please? ;-)

The perfect outtake ever...

OMG when this shot happened... I knew it would be cute, but I didn't expect to crack up at everyone's expression! I hate to say it, but this is TOTALLY how things look when you really watch the Brown family! They are totally realistic about what is possible to accomplish with 3 little ones! LOVE IT!!!

We will start with introducing little Braylon! He's the nose picker over there who though it would be completely entertaining for the little guy to pick his nose and make everyone laugh! It worked. Can you just see that smug grin on his face?! And how about responsible big sister who is gonna take control of the situation... "no Braylon, get your finger out of your nose!" What you can't hear is that this was like the 3rd or 4th time that she had to "correct" him!

I gotta tell you, I love these guys names, all three have three of the COOLEST names I have ever heard!

Meet Dawson: I just love how photogenic kids this age can be. It's as if they don't have the full sense of self and that makes for a great shot because inhibitions are thrown to the wind and it becomes more about the fun! Dawson never once complained when we did the posed shots, he was super ready to sport that beautiful smile and big brown eyes!

Next up, little sister Tatum! She was a bit reserved in the beginning and a little unsure if she REALLY wanted me to take her pictures, but it was obvious she had been prepped and she had a job to do! I think she did it quite well... don't u?!

I just love how she is squeezing the heck out of her daddy!!! Thank you Brown family for meeting me so early in the morning, don't think for a second that I don't know how challenging it probably was to get all 3 of them dressed and looking so darn cute that early on a weekend morning!

Lots of catching up to do!

Check out those super pouty lips... LOVE THEM!!!!
You are in trouble momma, he will use those to his FULL advantage!

Isn't he just perfect!?!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. It was not relaxing around here but it was VERY productive! On top of all the blog lovin' your going to get right now, I also held a very successful Yard Sale (aka JUNK sale ;-), bonfire, 4 photo shoots, family stuff, photo books and print delivery, the general day to day of my house, and more!

First up I have to share this little peanut. His mommy Jess has been featured on my blog and you know my famous Touch of Love Photography logo and cards... yeah that was all courtesy of his mommy and her mad graphic design skills!!

I just happened to call her on Thursday morning because I needed some help for some graphic stuff and we all know she's the go to girl... well she picked up the phone and I asked her what she was up to... and she said, "im sittin' here at the hospital holding my little Franklin"!!! I was all... wahhhh!?! Certainly it was not baby time yet... errr so I thought!

We all know that I love babies around here and so when she invited me up to see her new little guy I was all... HECK YA! I grabbed my camera and ran to Jackson for baby time!
I didn't even look at my batteries or anything because little Franklin caught me off guard with his early arrival that I was only able to get a few shots due to stupid batteries... who invented the need for charging anyway... oh wait I think I better be happy about that imagine what it would be like if we didn't have batteries... not fun.

Anyway... Congraulations Jess and Greg! You two are going to be wonderful parents! Franklin is absolutely adorable and such a little stud already at 1 day old here!

Friday, May 15, 2009

A new option that you HAVE to check out!

Please stop on over at Rebecca Valentine Fleurs! You won't be disappointed!

Becky is another new business owner who has a GREAT eye for decor and her flower arrangements are incredible. I know that Becky will be wonderful for brides and anyone who needs anything floral related. She lives in Indiana, however does work here in Michigan and is very familiar Michigan since it's "home" for her.

I just love her new little idea of the "tissue" she attached to some boquets she recently did for the bridesmaids who shed tears! What a GREAT idea... she certainly has that added personal touch to what she does so please head on over and leave her a comment to let her know you stopped by and also keep her in mind if she can do anything for you!

Look forward to working with you Becky!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I have shared this blog before, but it's been awhile. Sweet Sweet Kayleigh went to heaven. Please pray for her family. If you want to read her story just click on the link above. You are in my thoughts and prayers Freeman family.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pure Charm!

Kenedey (my 12 year old) came along with me to this shoot... and she usually takes my spare camera and takes a few shots... she captured this one! Isn't it AWESOME!?!

This little guy was an absolute little charmer! Look at his little dimples and sweet little face.
Kind of a neat story for me behind this sweet family. Mom and Dad, (Melissa & Chris) went to high school with Jason and I. They were both 2 years ahead of me, but I remember them well. Mostly because they were in the same grade as Jason and then also Melissa's younger sister, Lisa was a friend of mine! Small world right!?! I think Melissa found my work on my facebook and I was honored when she asked me to do a session for Meris and CJ!

Little CJ just turned a year and is VERY close to walking... now the fun begins! Meris is nearly 4 and worked the camera like none other! At that age they tend to learn the "fake smile" but not Meris, she couldn't have been more natural... I may have to give you a call little missy when I need a little model next time! ;-)

It's kind of funny for me to watch M & C with their kiddos because I really have not seen them in probably 12-14 years! Its like I have aged, but since I havent' watched them age, I still think of them as the couple they were in high school! Like they aren't supposed to have kids yet (only in my head's perception)!... Where the heck does time go?!

A wonderful little part to their photo shoot, Melissa's mom (gramma) came along. That was super sweet for me because I love to include grandparents in photo shoots... how often do you get to have a portrait session with a grandparent? Not too often do you see it and it's super special and something that as time goes on will become even more special, so anyway... thank you Gramma for being a willing participant! I think that's super neat!
M, C, M, and CJ... thank you so much for allowing me to do these photos for your beautiful family. It was truly my pleasure! Enjoy your sneek peek! I can't wait for you to see the rest!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pure Sweetness...

Can you feel the love!?!

I feel so blessed to be part of this little girls beginning. Meet Little Miss Lauren. She is 7 days old here and just so precious. You may notice her big sister Kara who I have photographed a few times before. Kara was so cute, she was so proud of her new baby sister. She calls her "baby Lauren"!
Lauren is part of my baby program so I am super excited about what the next year holds. I've said it before, but these babies who I get to photograph for the first year are so near and dear to my heart. You can't help but feel an attachment to them when you are capturing so many firsts... seriously, this can't be a job right?!
I get super excited to photograph newborns because so often in the commotion of a newborn, parents forget to get these pictures done quickly... babies loose the sleepy, curly look so quickly. I can't express to all of you who are interested in a newborn session how important it is to be sure to call early... if you are expecting, just let me know and I will get all the info to you and then when baby comes... we are all set to go, all you have to do is call and I will be there when you tell me to!
T family, thank you so much for having me. It is truly an honor to watch you in awe of your new little girl and I so look forward to the sessions and milestones to come! Kara, thank you for always being such a willing little girl! You are beautiful!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Personality Plus!

I tried to take her home after her session because I wanted to keep her... too bad her mom wouldn't let me!

I had the most amazing time with this little cutie! I think this age (just over a year) is such a great time to have your little ones photographed. Their personalities at this age are really beginning to emerge. Katherine was no exception. She had so many great shots and had me doubled over laughing at her when she gave me her classic "posing for a picture" face... must be her parents take a lot of pictures of her!

Isn't this face she makes a riot!?!

Something about this one... I just love... I think it's the ambience.
This photo shoot was also very special for me because little Katherine's mommy and I went to high school together. I hadn't seen her mom in 12 years, but it seemed as though that much time really hadn't passed! It's such a great thing to have such a personal connection with my clients and Nicole this was just sooo much fun. I just love your little girl and can't wait to watch her grow into that big personality! I think you might have your hands full, but I would be willing to bet she will keep you laughing with that personality that's guaranteed to shine! Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to capture your little bean! She is PRECIOUS!

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