Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Check out these adorable little guys! Harrison & Jackson are your typical VERY busy two year olds! We had a great time last night basically just following them around the yard watching them explore!

This first shot we caught for grandpa because apparently he is a MSU fan (boooo) can't believe I just put MSU on my blog ;-) I love this shot though because it's as if he is pointing out to his brother, "now see buddy THIS is our team!"

H & J have been staying with their grandparents for the past month, so I was super excited when their aunt Karmen (who is the Creative Memories guru!!! be sure and check out her site) asked me if I could run over and do some bday pictures for the boys! I was all... Heck ya... and twins... wow even better!

Here is big sister Kayla and cousin Whitney! Don't you just love the color the these girls eyes! K, im cutting this post short because I want to get this sneek peek up for Grandma, I think they are heading to Florida tomorrow to get back to their parents. Thank you family for the opportunity to caputre your family and the boys 2nd bday!!!

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