Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pure Charm!

Kenedey (my 12 year old) came along with me to this shoot... and she usually takes my spare camera and takes a few shots... she captured this one! Isn't it AWESOME!?!

This little guy was an absolute little charmer! Look at his little dimples and sweet little face.
Kind of a neat story for me behind this sweet family. Mom and Dad, (Melissa & Chris) went to high school with Jason and I. They were both 2 years ahead of me, but I remember them well. Mostly because they were in the same grade as Jason and then also Melissa's younger sister, Lisa was a friend of mine! Small world right!?! I think Melissa found my work on my facebook and I was honored when she asked me to do a session for Meris and CJ!

Little CJ just turned a year and is VERY close to walking... now the fun begins! Meris is nearly 4 and worked the camera like none other! At that age they tend to learn the "fake smile" but not Meris, she couldn't have been more natural... I may have to give you a call little missy when I need a little model next time! ;-)

It's kind of funny for me to watch M & C with their kiddos because I really have not seen them in probably 12-14 years! Its like I have aged, but since I havent' watched them age, I still think of them as the couple they were in high school! Like they aren't supposed to have kids yet (only in my head's perception)!... Where the heck does time go?!

A wonderful little part to their photo shoot, Melissa's mom (gramma) came along. That was super sweet for me because I love to include grandparents in photo shoots... how often do you get to have a portrait session with a grandparent? Not too often do you see it and it's super special and something that as time goes on will become even more special, so anyway... thank you Gramma for being a willing participant! I think that's super neat!
M, C, M, and CJ... thank you so much for allowing me to do these photos for your beautiful family. It was truly my pleasure! Enjoy your sneek peek! I can't wait for you to see the rest!

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