Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Ok so here we are again... This is little Landon... you might remember him from this post way back 6 months ago! I still see all the little features that I thought were so special then in him, like his big beautiful pouty lips and those big eyes (which have turned an amazing blue) and that little dimple in his chin! Those chin dimples get me everytime because my little guy has one and it's one of my favorite things about his little features!.... oops mommy soap box ;-)

Anyway... Landon did great for his session today. He was just super easy going and seemed to enjoy being outside... but then just as I was finishing editing his sneek peek photos I got an email from his mommy that he had run him into the doctor this evening and he has an ear infection. OMG, Landon seriously buddy, you should have give us some indication that you didn't feel well. I feel so bad that we had you out in the wind... what a trooper. Your mommy sure knows you, she knew something wasn't quite right :-( I hope you feel better very soon.

I sure can't tell AT.ALL. that he wasn't feeling well based on these pictures! Hey Miss Olivia... take a look at this little guy and his smiles... take notes because that's what we are after when I see you again later this week! ;-)

Thank you Landon and family for the opportunity to photograph Landon again... this time it was entirely my turn! I think we got some sweet shots! Enjoy!

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