Monday, May 25, 2009


Her future's so bright she has to wear shades!

I know you are all so sick of me mentioning how I can't believe how quickly my Bebe' Collection babies grow up. I feel like I JUST did Olivia's first photo shoot, but here we are at her 6 month session.... and she is turning into just the sweetest little thing... I never get sick of watching these little ones grow and Olivia is no exception!

Sooo serious!
Check out that kini (as my kids would call it)!!!

Although, im a little mad at her right now (k... I went through tonight to see if I had ONE... (just ONE Olivia)... of her smiling... NOPE!

I think she is just so annoyed by me even though I try not to make crazy faces, play dumb games, or make weird noises at her... he just wont smile!

Don't worry Ashley, let's do something one afternoon this week and see if we can get some good smiles out of her. I'm game if you girls are!

However... I have a feeling her mommy has vistited my blog already looking for her girl... so here she is! Who said great shots have to have a smile anyway? But seriously Olivia... next time can we just have one little smile??? please? ;-)

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