Friday, October 22, 2010

2010 Holiday Cards!

Card 1 front option 1
Card 1 front option 2 (above)

Card 1 back (above)

Card 2 front (below)

Card 2 inside spread (below) this card would open by lifting the front up
Card 2 back
Card 3 front

Card 3 inside spread (below) opens left to rightCard 3 back
Card 4 option 1 front (below)
Card 4 option 2 front (below)
Card 4 back (this would be a flat card front and back)
Card 5 front (below)

Card 5 inside spread (below) would open up from bottom to top
Card 5 back

Card 6 front

Card 6 inside layoutCard 6 back

Last year out Holiday Card options were a huge hit! So... Holiday cards are back!

I wanted to step up our game a little bit this year, so I have added in the options of press printed cards that can also be folded. Basically, you can make your card as complex as you want (as seen here) or just a simple one sided photo card (you would just choose one of the templates above and that would be the front side of your card.

25 - 5x7 folded cards: $65 (includes envelopes)
25 - 5x7 press printed flat cards (like card option 1 and 4): $50 (includes envelopes)
10 - ONE sided photo card (like a picture printed to make a card): $15 (includes envelopes)

Press Printed FOLDED cards can only be ordered in increments of 25. Flat photo cards can be ordered in increments of 10. You are free to do one set of each to save also!

If you have any questions regarding cards, please let me know!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mike & Tiffany MARRIED!!! - Key Largo, Florida (destination photographer)

I cannot believe it has been nearly a month since I last posted. I have always tried to keep my blog a BIG priority in my business, and it definitely still is... but I have been so busy and caught up in getting everything accomplished that it has had to take a back seat for a minute. I am still not caught up, and full fledged blogging isn't back quite yet, but with a little cheering on, I am sure I can put it back into my routine very soon. :-) Thank you to all of my amazing readers for sticking around!

Anyway... let's get to the REAL good stuff!

First let me just say... this was an AMAZING opportunity and probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am so so blessed to have been part of a spectacular day filled with love, genuine people, and FUN! Mike and Tiffany both have roots back here in good ol' Michigan, but their lives have taken them out to Arizona where they have been building a great life and planning their big day! Tiffany's dad lives in Key Largo, and Tiffany spent a lot of time there growing up. What better place for a wedding?!

Last year, while Tiffany and Mike were on a trip out of the country... while they were at the Great Wall of China, Mike popped the big question! Now how many of you can say you got engaged at the Great Wall of China? Let also who can even say they have visited it?!When Tiffany and I chatted about her big day, one thing that she really wanted to be sure I would capture was the photo journalistic parts to the wedding day. I knew it wouldn't be tough because I know enough about Tiffany to know that it would all be very well planned!

Months and months before the wedding, I got lots of emails and pictures all directing me what types of things Tiffany wanted to see in her wedding photos, right along with lots of chats about location and timing of everything for the big day. Then.... about a month before the wedding, the spreadsheets started pouring it! LOL Seriously, I laugh because probably most photographers would wonder what kind of bridezilla they are dealing with, but I didn't. I do really well when I have goal and expectations in mind and it worked for us! So upcoming brides... now you have Tiffany's spreadsheets to live up to ;-) My point is, I REALLY like being involved in the planning of the weddings I shoot. Not so that I have control or anything, but because it makes me feel invested in your day and I have a good idea of you expect things to play out after seeing your ideas and visions for your day.

I arrived in Key Largo the morning of the wedding and my AWESOME second shooter Lindsey and I took a look around the location and then we were off to meet up with the wedding party at the salon. I had not seen Tiffany or anyone for that matter in about 13 years, so it was all pretty neat for me, but watching them all be so excited for Mike and Tiffany's big day was a ton of fun and the energy made it that much more exciting!

Tiffany got ready in the Penthouse at the Key Largo Marriott and we photographed her doing her makeup in front of the mirror, complete with spreadsheets on the best ways to apply certain things ;-) It was genius if you ask me!
Tiffany's mom and step mom along with the wedding party arrived to help her get into her dress and the moment she stepped into it, it was MAGICAL! Tears started falling, hugs and laughter ensued and the beauty of the day all started to become so real!Once we were all set to go, her dad came in for his first look at his first daughter to make the big step towards marriage. I really enjoyed watching Tiffany and her dad together. They have such a fun relationship. I quickly learned where Tiffany learned to be so quick witted! They have the healthiest divided and blended families I have ever seen. It's the best feeling in the world to watch people with a common goal come together in times like weddings and watch every one's dreams become a reality. For me, it's really what part of weddings are all about (of course next to the vows) ;-)

Tiffany with her dad:
Tiffany with her beautiful mom:Tiffany with her sister, Nicole.

Tiffany with her step mom Jana:
Tiffany with her flower girls, she is looking at her little sister Jaqueline!
I can't say it enough... SUCH a beautiful family.
After finishing up with the girls, I headed over to see Mike and the guys. Mike had mentioned he had a surprise for Tiffany which she had no clue about. He added a wedding band to Tiffany's wedding ring brought on the full on bling!

Tiffany's note to Mike just before the ceremony.
What do you do when the groom tries to run away from the wedding? Just beat him with the bat he gave you as a gift of course!The ceremony took place on the property of the Marriott in Key Largo just before sun set. The ceremony was beautiful, but I think we all got a good laugh when Tiffany said she would take Mike to be her wife! LOL It wasn't her fault though, she was just repeating what the official was saying!

The best way to sum up Mike and Tiffany, is they compliment each other just perfectly. Tiffany is definitely someone most of us look up to... She is driven, compassionate, and genuine and someone not just anyone could keep up with. Mike is definitely the perfect compliment to her life and she is also to his. Mike adds balance, adventure, fun and lots of love into Tiffany's life, and together, I have a feeling it will just keep getting better! I wish you two so much happiness and lots of love and life TOGETHER. I know I have already said it a few times, but I need you to know how utterly blessed I am to have you as a part of my professional life. You gave me an opportunity I always dreamed of and therefore have a big part in helping me live out my dreams through photography and I THANK YOU for allowing me to be part of one of the biggest days of your lives. I look forward to watching what the future holds for you. Lots of love to you both!

Hugs, Kari

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