Friday, October 22, 2010

2010 Holiday Cards!

Card 1 front option 1
Card 1 front option 2 (above)

Card 1 back (above)

Card 2 front (below)

Card 2 inside spread (below) this card would open by lifting the front up
Card 2 back
Card 3 front

Card 3 inside spread (below) opens left to rightCard 3 back
Card 4 option 1 front (below)
Card 4 option 2 front (below)
Card 4 back (this would be a flat card front and back)
Card 5 front (below)

Card 5 inside spread (below) would open up from bottom to top
Card 5 back

Card 6 front

Card 6 inside layoutCard 6 back

Last year out Holiday Card options were a huge hit! So... Holiday cards are back!

I wanted to step up our game a little bit this year, so I have added in the options of press printed cards that can also be folded. Basically, you can make your card as complex as you want (as seen here) or just a simple one sided photo card (you would just choose one of the templates above and that would be the front side of your card.

25 - 5x7 folded cards: $65 (includes envelopes)
25 - 5x7 press printed flat cards (like card option 1 and 4): $50 (includes envelopes)
10 - ONE sided photo card (like a picture printed to make a card): $15 (includes envelopes)

Press Printed FOLDED cards can only be ordered in increments of 25. Flat photo cards can be ordered in increments of 10. You are free to do one set of each to save also!

If you have any questions regarding cards, please let me know!

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Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful cards! I wish I would have stumbled across your blog earlier in the season.

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