Sunday, September 30, 2007

I think he has PICA...

No im kidding, but he's the first little guy i've see eat rocks in awhile! LOL I didn't let him for long Hutch and Jen, but I thought it was cute!
For those of you who don't know this little cutie, this is Talan James! I just adore his huge brown eyes... they are just gorgeous. Talan did great with his little mini shoot today. He was busily checking everything out around him. He has just started to crawl over the past few days... awwww... yeah for now... I saw him pull all his books off his shelf! Ha ha ha ha! Sorry I have to laugh for the two of you because I know all too well what comes next!
Anyway, thank you for letting me get some pics of this cute little dude! I just adore him! I will call you with his proofs soon!

Good ole' Jungle Truck!

So I hung out with Cody this morning, yet another Onsted Senior! Class of 2008! Cody is my 2nd cousin. His mom (Debbie) Cody, and I ventured to a few places in search of some different backgrounds and unusual settings. Not difficult to do around here.

Cody has a truck that his Grandfather gave to him that he has a lot of memories doing things with his grandpa so that's why the title...!

Cody did a great job and was willing to try all different things and between him and his mom they had some great ideas!

Cody and Debbie, I had a great time hanging out with you this morning! Enjoy your "sneak peek" I can't wait for you guys to see the rest! Talk to you soon!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another Onsted Senior!

Tonight I hung out with Matt. He is another one of my last minute Senior's who have waited to have their pictures done until after the start of the school year. At first I was shocked at how many people have waited to have their pics done until late in the year. From what I remember when I was in school everyone got these done so early like June and July and here we are almost October! But honestly at this point, I think these late in the year one's may just be the smart ones. The scenery is just beautiful right now with the weather changing and there are leaves on the ground, not too many though. The weather... perfect! Not sweltering like some shoots i've done!

Anyway, Matt did an awsome job with his photo session tonight. We decided to try out Hidden Lake Gardens. It was a great location (not that I was surprised) but i've never done pictures there. The guy at the gate tried to give us a hard time telling me I should have to pay more to get in and yadda yadda, yeah just leave us alone "gate man"! I know it's always akward when you first get started with this type of thing when your a senior. Camera in your face when your not used to it, but really Matt, you did a great job. When I had him to try different poses he didn't require much adjusting at all. I've been getting lucky with people like this lately! It's fantastic! Must be because all my clients are all SO photogenic! Even the guys! Well I know your waiting to see that hopefully all these queer poses I made you stand in that they paid off, so here's your sneak peek! I will have your gallery done as quickly as possible! Enjoy

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Another Senior session for tonight's post!

This evening I met up with the beautiful Jessica. She has the most beautiful brown eyes and a flawless complection. She was an absolute natural with photos. I think it's got to be so tough when you have to have your senior pictures taken and all of the sudden all the focus from the camera is on you. Suddenly you have "turn on your best face". Despite making her stand in akward and unusual poses Jessica didn't require much direction at all! I often have to spend all kinds of time telling seniors, "turn you head this way or that way or chin down etc." Not for Jess, she probably is a model and didn't even tell me! You did an awsome job and you are just stunning!

I owe you an apology. As I trucked up the hill with all my gear tonight I remembered that I promised you I would show you a couple of pictures on my camera's screen (which I normally don't do)! I love making you wait in supense! Anyway, Im very very sorry I completely forgot, that was not intentional at all.

So her crazy photographer... yeah that would be me... decided I would try to step into a marshy area... lets just say that wasn't my best idea of the day! Guess who fell right on her butt?! Yeah that's miss graceful myself! Jessica and her mom didn't even laugh at me! Seriously if they REALLY knew me well they would crack up. It seems to me that every time I do a shoot lately I am falling or hitting my head. For example this morning I nearly fell off of the stairs sideways where I was shooting. For some reason no one laughs at me and im totally embarrassed! Note to self: Your not an acrobat! :-)

Anyway, without further ado, and no more rambling from me. Here is Miss Jessica. Enjoy your sneak peek! I will get your proofs up asap!

Mini Shoot!

She couldn't be ANY cuter!!! And she is ready for fall fashion! For those of you who don't know her, this is Miss Lauren. You will see her around many times.... she is a "Touch of Love Photography Model! Enjoy

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Im sorry but I couldn't narrow it down anymore than these. I tried my bestbut these are my girls and I just dont know which to pick... u.g.h!!! Im sorry Jen!!! NOW which one do you want to order?! Could it get any harder... T was WAY into this shoot!


They probably should be model's.

This morning I met up with the busier than busy Brianna! This little cutie is soon to be the big two. In addition to that big step in her life, she is also going to be a big sister, to a little brother yet to be named! *wink wink Theresa!* Post some comments here for her mom and dad with name suggestions if you feel so inclined!

So the biggest news I HAVE to share with all my blog readers is; Theresa is opening a new salon in Jackson! Salon Breathe sounds like it should be opening around mid-November!!

This salon will be located in the heart of downtown Jackson right near the Crazy Cowboy. I know Theresa because she has done my hair for a few years now. Yeah as we all know I don't go get my hair done enough, but the funny thing is, I just adore this girl. She's one of those people who "gets to know your hair". I never feel rushed when im in her chair and she gives me the best haircuts ever. The saddest thing is, like the past 2 times i've been in to get my hair done, she is out or booked or something has come up! Anyway, all of you keep your ears and eyes open in just a short period of time you will have to go and have a pampering at Salon Breathe! By the way T, love love love the name you have chosen. It is SO you!

So sorry I had to get all that in there... can you tell im SO excited?! Without further hesitation... Check out the two most gorgeous girls! Both were extremely photogenic. Well, Bri will be I should say when she can slow down in a few years! She keeps everyone on their toes... I was sweating by the end of her session even with the weather being seriously about 60 degrees tops! She made me WORK! Good Girl Bri that's the way to get things done!!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Holiday Card Samples

The possibilies are endless. Once you have had your session, use your images and Touch of Love Photography can design your card in a variety of ways including postcard style photocards, folded cards, and whatever your mind can dream up!

Enjoy the Samples I have chosen to display.

Just imagine your darling family or children in the photo spaces above! Sounds tempting doesn't it?!

That time of year!

Well I hate to tell ya, but Christmas is just around the corner.... come WAY too fast. I am offering one heck of a deal this season.

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year for picture taking. The scenery in Michigan can be stunning for outdoor pictures. Small children with pink little noses and rosy cheeks and adorable hats make for great Christmas pictures. This is also a great time to do those family pictures you have procrastinated all year, but meant to get done.

All of that is why I have decided to offer a big discount for those of you who would like to book a session. From now... starting today. Sept. 12, 2007 I am going to reduce the price of your session fee through the next month, through Oct. 12, 2007. The session fee for Lenawee and Jackson County will be reduced to $25.00 (reduced from $50.00) up to 4 subjects. In addition to this discount I am offering a 10% discount for print purchases, to anyone who books a session within the above dates.

If you have intentions of ordering Photo Christmas cards the deadline to have your pictures guaranteed in time is Nov. 10th, 2007. I know if your like me, that sounds like PLENTY of time... let me be the first to tell you, it will be here before we know it. Limited session time is available so don't delay. Contact Touch of Love Photography for further details.

Stay tuned over the next few days for samples of holiday postcards and new upcoming collages I have been working on.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Taylor's little brother!

Here is Mr. Talan Hutchinson... First of all, tell me that isn't the most incredibly cool name in the world?! We stopped over a couple times today at the Hutchinson's to drop off some hand me down type things. I couldn't resist snapping a few shots of his little pouty face. He isn't feeling the best today so he wasn't his chipper self, nonetheless... ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!

And lastly...


Miss Taylor Hutchinson!

Kenedey and Taylor wanted to do a mini photo shoot and be ALL GIRL! Taylor and Ken have lots in common, but they think its great that they share a birthday! They are like I think 4th generation friends... their grandmas a very close, so they are in their technical terms... "cousins"!

They selected several outfits to try out together, but the weather didn't cooperate with us, so we ended up doing a bunch indoors... these are just a few samples... These were just taken for fun, but I wanted Taylor's parents to see them! I owe them another shoot when the weather decides to cooperate and we have some extra time!

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