Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another Onsted Senior!

Tonight I hung out with Matt. He is another one of my last minute Senior's who have waited to have their pictures done until after the start of the school year. At first I was shocked at how many people have waited to have their pics done until late in the year. From what I remember when I was in school everyone got these done so early like June and July and here we are almost October! But honestly at this point, I think these late in the year one's may just be the smart ones. The scenery is just beautiful right now with the weather changing and there are leaves on the ground, not too many though. The weather... perfect! Not sweltering like some shoots i've done!

Anyway, Matt did an awsome job with his photo session tonight. We decided to try out Hidden Lake Gardens. It was a great location (not that I was surprised) but i've never done pictures there. The guy at the gate tried to give us a hard time telling me I should have to pay more to get in and yadda yadda, yeah just leave us alone "gate man"! I know it's always akward when you first get started with this type of thing when your a senior. Camera in your face when your not used to it, but really Matt, you did a great job. When I had him to try different poses he didn't require much adjusting at all. I've been getting lucky with people like this lately! It's fantastic! Must be because all my clients are all SO photogenic! Even the guys! Well I know your waiting to see that hopefully all these queer poses I made you stand in that they paid off, so here's your sneak peek! I will have your gallery done as quickly as possible! Enjoy

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