Saturday, September 22, 2007


Another Senior session for tonight's post!

This evening I met up with the beautiful Jessica. She has the most beautiful brown eyes and a flawless complection. She was an absolute natural with photos. I think it's got to be so tough when you have to have your senior pictures taken and all of the sudden all the focus from the camera is on you. Suddenly you have "turn on your best face". Despite making her stand in akward and unusual poses Jessica didn't require much direction at all! I often have to spend all kinds of time telling seniors, "turn you head this way or that way or chin down etc." Not for Jess, she probably is a model and didn't even tell me! You did an awsome job and you are just stunning!

I owe you an apology. As I trucked up the hill with all my gear tonight I remembered that I promised you I would show you a couple of pictures on my camera's screen (which I normally don't do)! I love making you wait in supense! Anyway, Im very very sorry I completely forgot, that was not intentional at all.

So her crazy photographer... yeah that would be me... decided I would try to step into a marshy area... lets just say that wasn't my best idea of the day! Guess who fell right on her butt?! Yeah that's miss graceful myself! Jessica and her mom didn't even laugh at me! Seriously if they REALLY knew me well they would crack up. It seems to me that every time I do a shoot lately I am falling or hitting my head. For example this morning I nearly fell off of the stairs sideways where I was shooting. For some reason no one laughs at me and im totally embarrassed! Note to self: Your not an acrobat! :-)

Anyway, without further ado, and no more rambling from me. Here is Miss Jessica. Enjoy your sneak peek! I will get your proofs up asap!

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