Sunday, September 16, 2007


Im sorry but I couldn't narrow it down anymore than these. I tried my bestbut these are my girls and I just dont know which to pick... u.g.h!!! Im sorry Jen!!! NOW which one do you want to order?! Could it get any harder... T was WAY into this shoot!


Anonymous said...

I think you need some photography classes. It seems like you try really hard, but you just never capture the “essence” of your subject. You never “connect” with the person or object you are photographing. Your camera is obviously very good, the pictures have beautiful color to them, but could have been taken by anyone, there is no “special” quality about any of your pictures.
I have looked at lots of blogs from other photographers, they all seem to have a “gift” that you just don’t have. Sometimes, just because you have great interest for something, doesn’t necessarily mean you are good at it or skilled enough. You should take some classes, but please stop referring to yourself as a photographer. None of your pictures are even worth the cost of the paper to print them.
Sometimes constructive criticism hurts, but sometimes it takes someone being honest for us to open our eyes.

karicarp said...

You know this is interesting that I got this comment since I know someone else who got the exact same comment... STRANGE! Sorry whoever did this im not even remotely offended! Have a great day!

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