Monday, May 25, 2009

Lots of catching up to do!

Check out those super pouty lips... LOVE THEM!!!!
You are in trouble momma, he will use those to his FULL advantage!

Isn't he just perfect!?!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. It was not relaxing around here but it was VERY productive! On top of all the blog lovin' your going to get right now, I also held a very successful Yard Sale (aka JUNK sale ;-), bonfire, 4 photo shoots, family stuff, photo books and print delivery, the general day to day of my house, and more!

First up I have to share this little peanut. His mommy Jess has been featured on my blog and you know my famous Touch of Love Photography logo and cards... yeah that was all courtesy of his mommy and her mad graphic design skills!!

I just happened to call her on Thursday morning because I needed some help for some graphic stuff and we all know she's the go to girl... well she picked up the phone and I asked her what she was up to... and she said, "im sittin' here at the hospital holding my little Franklin"!!! I was all... wahhhh!?! Certainly it was not baby time yet... errr so I thought!

We all know that I love babies around here and so when she invited me up to see her new little guy I was all... HECK YA! I grabbed my camera and ran to Jackson for baby time!
I didn't even look at my batteries or anything because little Franklin caught me off guard with his early arrival that I was only able to get a few shots due to stupid batteries... who invented the need for charging anyway... oh wait I think I better be happy about that imagine what it would be like if we didn't have batteries... not fun.

Anyway... Congraulations Jess and Greg! You two are going to be wonderful parents! Franklin is absolutely adorable and such a little stud already at 1 day old here!

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