Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Love this family!

So you all know by now that I am absolutely crazy about including grandparents in your children's photo sessions. This adorable family had a great shoot this past weekend. I looked at my camera when I left there and couldn't believe that I had shot over 1000 frames in the 3 hours I was there... that's insane!!! I never do that... however with so many people (4 generations) and 2 super little ones it was necessary.

First up I have to share little Ellie... I seriously considered kidnapping her and taking her home for my own personal model! She has a super friendly, easy-going, lovable personality that just shines all over the place!

How lucky are all these kids to have such wonderful grandparents. My kids are very close to their grandparents and I just think it's soooo neat when grandparents are willing to get right in there and be so involved with their grandkids. There really isn't anything that compares in my book!

This is little Jett! Talk about the weekend of photos of kids with awesome names! Poor little guy wasn't feeling too hot, so we called it a wrap and I am going to head back over when he is feeling more like himself for some smiles. Get well soon Jett... it's just not fair for little guys to be sick :-(

Esterline family it was an absolute pleasure to capture these memories for you all. I hope you enjoy your sneek peek.

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