Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brooklyn Bridal Show 2009

How lucky is it that we here in the wee little town of Brooklyn, MI have the opportunity to go to a local bridal show?!

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of working with the girls @ Patrone's Day Spa & Salon as they got the models ready for the show! The show turned out to be a lot of fun and the runway show was great. The entire staff over at Patrone's did an amazing job having the models ready, lookin' good, and on time! Now that takes talent! Janet over at Brooklyn Bridal has some beautiful dresses. If you are getting married be sure and chat with both of these local businesses to help you make your day all that you dream of!

A collage of a wedding I did back in June... all the hair was done by Patrone's, photography by me ;-)

This was this model's ACTUAL dress... I didn't have a great light to use to photograph her because this was taken during the actual show and the ambient light was non-exsistent, none the less, this dress was AMAZING.

The phonomenal videographers... PASK video productions... we have NOTHING like this around here and if you are looking for a videographer... I can say without any reservation... these guys do hands down AMAZING WORK.
How fun is her hair?... the them was geared toward kind of the Audrey Hepburn look... LOVE it!
Photogenic much? This girl can work out the camera, and then adorable Farah in the background, she's another wonderful member of the Patrone's staff.
This little guy was a magician and did magic tricks for entertainment at the show!
Here's Misty workin' it out! This girl had hair almost down to her buns and had it wadded in a ponytail at the show. She was a dress model who wore a dress and walked the floor, Misty whipped a cute updo out right on the showroom floor... turned out AWESOME!
Windy Hill Creations did a beautiful job on the floral arrangements.

Chair Covers Express I LOVE chair covers for receptions... brides... it's totally worth the added cost (actually very reasonable) it really adds that extra elegance to the reception venue. It honestly makes your reception photos even better, simply because you don't have all the background as silvery shiny chairs.

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Ginger said...

Totaly, hands down, agree with the chair cover comment, Kari. It's totally worth it and yes, it was reasonable.

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