Friday, October 16, 2009

Scott & Robin.... MARRIED!

Oh wait... that's not the right groom! But wow Robin you and Edward look great together too! I'm JEALOUS! ;-)
Robin and her beautiful sisters and daughter Gabrielle.

My fav: (below)

All of the flowers were done by Scott's mom. Her brother was a floral designer and from what I understand a very good floral designer. He passed away a few months ago. In his honor... she did all of the floral arrangements. The detail was impeccable. ABSOLUTELY beautiful. Your heart in what you did with the flowers was very clear.

I knew as soon as I met her that this would be one of the most touching weddings I would ever experience. When I asked her to tell me a little about what their day would be like... Robin told me that this would be a day of celebration. Of course they would be celebrating the promise they were making to each other... for better for worse... however... they had even more to be celebrating.


It's a word that stops you DEAD in your tracks and makes you take count of whats important in your life. Robin was diagnosed late last year with Hodkin's Lymphoma. As you can imagine the last year has been a tough year highlighted with chemotherapy and radiation. Fortunately... Robin has some amazing people who care deeply for her and surround her with lots of love . The two most importantly; Scott and Gabrielle. I imagine that Gabbi was a huge source of encouragement through those tough times. Look at her sweet little face! It certainly takes a lot of support to make it through a journey like this one... a diagnosis and treatment of this magintude. Robin and Scott's families were both absolutely amazing.
It's no secret that I am a total sucker for Daddy Daughter dances. This one was no exception. NOT a dry eye in the room. I definitely had to hide behind my camera!

I don't think it can go without saying that their day was amazing. He obviously has so much love for her and he knows how precious her life is to him. There were definitely a few moments that were super emotional. I see in Robin a love for him that he is positively her rock. Her eyes sparkle when she talks about him and it's obvious that they make each other better in so many ways.

The week before the wedding Robin was still undergoing radiation treatments, but is doing fantastic. She held up through the whole day and always had a smile on her face!

Scott, Robin, & Gabrielle. Thank you guys for the opportunity to capture your day of celebration. I look forward to watching you grow together for many many years to come!

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