Monday, August 18, 2008

Miss M

Today I finally got to get some shots and family shots of Miss M and her family! Remember this belly from back in April?
Well.... HERE she is! And she is beautiful! She was so sweet and smiley while I was there today. I was stunned when Miss M got tired and I asked her mommy how they got her to sleep... get this all you sleep deprived moms... they just lay her down... and she goes to sleep. What a sweet good little girl. You two really have no idea how lucky you are with that! But you deserve it! She really couldn't be anymore precious! Almost makes me want another one... for about .01 seconds but then I remember how they grow up and act like my 2 year old and I'm SO over that! But thanks for letting me get my baby fix today. I love kissing her little chubby cheeks!
More to come... I am having internet troubles!!!

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