Friday, August 1, 2008

Runner UP!

This has been a crazy week with doctor's appointment's out of town and life (I have spent entirely too much time in hosptials, and I found myself thinking yesterday... I can't believe I used to love this environment and nursing!) Thank God I found the photography bug and my passion! So... once again, thank you all for being so patient. I am working on catching up on emails so if I haven't responded regarding sessions... the response is coming I promise.

We did go a little bit further with the contest when we did the drawing.

First runner up is: Ashlee (I am not going to put last names to protect all of you)... I believe all of you know who you are by your first names! ;-)

-Ashlee here's what you have won! You will recieve $25 off your session fee. (generally $50) Also, one free 8x10 and 20% off any prints you order! Your session must be schedule by Monday August 4th and complete by Aug. 12 to recieve your prize listed above.

And for the rest of you who entered... I told you if I had a good deal of entrants, there would be a surprise! Soo... if you are interested in a session within the next 2 weeks. (Before August 12) You will recieve 1/2 off your session fee and 20% off all prints!

-Here are the names of all you who entered: (once again, not using last names)

-Jennifer P

For those of you who didn't catch the contest in time; stay tuned and keep checking back because I am working on another contest... it might just have something to do with High School Seniors!

Again Congrats to our winner Leigh and runner up Ashlee!

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