Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I cannot believe how beautiful these girls are!

So once again… how do I find these gorgeous people and children? Meet Tara & Grant and their girls! You may recognize Tara from the Salon Breathe photo shoot! It’s been awhile Breathe girls… I’m thinking maybe we need a new shoot! Where does the time go?
A few things came to my mind as I looked through these pictures, these parents are SO patient and good with their girls. And their love for each other is really transparent... I love that!

A new favorite EVER for me!

Little miss E has the most natural smile and sweetness to her face. She is the oldest with the darkest hair in the pics. All the girls did so well, I drug them around downtown Chelsea… barefoot! Little A (the smallest one) is quite the little spitfire! She is QUICK! Right after we got started I saw her take off and her dad had to full speed sprint to catch up to her! LOL I guess it’s not just a little boy thing… this little one has some serious speed in those little legs! Maybe a Olympic runner?!

And the of course the little blondie! J was quite the poser… I have a feeling she has spent some time in front of a mirror practicing those poses!

Can any of you imagine… well I know some of you do… (Chesser fam :-) having 3 girls all so close in age? Wow… I hope you have lots of bathroom space for school mornings in about 5 years!
Once again if any of you are looking for a new stylist or salon… be sure to visit the girls @ Salon Breathe! You WON’T be disappointed!

Tara, Grant & Girls, it was great spending the morning with you all! You are such a beautiful family inside and out! Enjoy your sneek peek and I will have your proofs done PRONTO!


Chaeli said...

Thanks for writing this.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet girls!

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