Saturday, August 23, 2008

I almost forgot...

I just shut down my computer and realized I still had a session that I hadn't gotten the chance to share.

Meet the most precious little butterball you have ever seen! He is so snuggly and sweet and has these amazing blue eyes! He is JUST 2 months old! He's gonna be a heart breaker! This is Jonah. I throughly enjoyed his svisiting with their new baby.... What were the chances that it happened to be Teresa's friend! It was one of those... woah what a small world kind of moments. We both figured it was meant to be!ession also. He has the most adorable parents who are both just smitten with him. My favorite Teresa once again referred these guys to me originally! Teresa... what can I do for you? On top of that, I was at my grandpa's house for him to take my car and fix it, and they had some friends

I was really looking forward to this session because Beth and Andy wanted to go to a park in Ann Arbor, Michigan where they were engaged (awww)! Unfortunately, the area where we planned to go was closed, so we settled for a close by extension of the same park. Jonah was not terribly excited about our plan... after all, we did wake him up from his nap, what did we expect?!
Thank you Beth and Andy for having me do your pictures! I througly enjoyed it! You have one special little guy.

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