Sunday, August 3, 2008

The world's best personality

So... NOAH... can I just tell you how much I enjoyed this kid? He is such an old soul already at 4. What I mean by that just to be clear is that he just knows so much about this world around him, yet it's such a healthy/sweet thing and that makes him who he is. He is an only child and the light in many people's eyes and I finally got to see today why... he exceeded my expectations, now THAT'S a good session!

If you look closely at the hood of this dump truck, you will see where Noah has his name written on the truck. We didn't put that there today! How perfect!
I had a TERRIBLE time deciding which ones to put on my blog. How could I possibly narrow it down, I want to show ALL of you ALL of them!

This first image takes my breath away.... The love is so... what's the word... REAL. At first I liked this one in color, but I actually think now I prefer it in black & white.

I asked him during his shoot who his best friend is and he said... get this... "My daddy". Awww, melt my heart 1000 x's. Also, he could tell me just about what kind of tractor every one we played with and the big one's too. And not just a front loader or simple things like that... oh no, he knew about maneuer spreaders, and which one was a John Deer and which one was a Ford. IMPRESSIVE!

Noah and fam... (by the way... he's actually my 3rd cousin!) it was great hanging with you guys this morning! Enjoy the pics!

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