Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The quiet watchful one

Just because I liked his lashes!
This is Mason! He is the little brother to 3 older sisters! No WONDER he is pretty quiet and just sits back and observes... I would too in all that Chaos!!! His older sister Maddie has been on my blog several times, Maddie and my daughter Kenedey are very close friends and spend a fair amount of time together.

Mason just celebrated his 1st birthday!!! I finally got over there to take some pictures of him before he hits full blown toddlerhood. As I was looking though his pictures I was noticing how he is sure teetering between the two. He isn't quite walking yet... but close. It's going to be interesting to see how he changes and how he is around his sisters once he can keep up with them!

He looks like such a big boy in his hat and when he is standing up, but then the image of him sucking his thumb and crawling you see the baby still! I know these will be bittersweet to his parents because he is the last of 4 kids... thus the "baby"... and the only boy!

John and Polly I hope you guys enjoy the pics of your "little man"! He sure is a cutie... and we even managed a smile... or two!

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