Monday, October 13, 2008

Casting Call...

This is my first official Casting Call and I intend to make it a fun one!

So when you think Casting Call do you think... mmm.. modeling?

Well if you do, that's "kind of" what I'm looking for. Here's my vision because if you know me... I always have one.

I need someone, preferably a child(ren), who is/are great in front of a camera, fun personality(s), adorable, has great outfits for a Christmas photo shoot, and who's family wants some free pictures! Also, you must be able and willing to come to my studio.

I will be offering one free Wall Portrait (11x14), 1 (8x10), 2 (5x7)'s, and 25 4x6 one-sided Christmas Cards (these can be upgraded for a small cost). Any other purchases from the session will be offered at 20% off the photo contract price.

Most of the session will be all about Christmas because that is my reason for needing a model(s). My children are SO not into "posing" for me!

I know it seems like ugh... I SO don't want to do the Christmas thing yet to many of you, but just think... you will be SO ahead of the rest! When it's time to send out cards and gifts for Christmas you will be all over that!!!

All you have to do is send a photograph of your child to my email address and I will choose the child from there for the session.

Email me @:

Thank you in advance for your interest! I will take entries until Thursday and then will choose someone over the weekend!

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