Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One more

I am attempting to do more indoor photography. I hate to tell people no when they want some indoor pictures... honestly babies and little ones... no problem. But I just feel like indoor puts kids on the spot and makes them uncomfortable and that is SO not my style for photo shoots. I end up feeling stifled in my creativity... but im attempting! If I spend time playing with the kids and capturing them interacting with their families during a shoot... I'm a happy girl and it shows in the pictures!
Little Miss A came out to my place today and we attempted a few indoor... but still natural light... photographs of her! Her mom took her to JCPenny's and walked away with nothing that she liked, I sure hope these capture her how she is at 2!!! She was pretty slow to warm up, but after we tried dancing, playing outside, posing with sister, some milk.... we got a couple!!! I just love her sweet little face! She's TWO and two year old little girls are THE CUTEST!!!

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