Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh my goodness!

I absolutely LOVED this session! It was pretty chilly out, but the Michigan colors are still beautiful! This is Crystal, she is a Senior at Addison High School... isn't she gorgeous?! We had a great photo shoot and found some super neat areas. We we to her grandparents home who have a gorgeous yard and they still had some roses growing on the trellis... how lucky! They smelled AMAZING! Grandpa insisted we get some photos on the train tracks... I'm sure glad we did... a couple of those are my favs!

Love her tatoos! And a girl after my own heart... how about THOSE shoes?! I couldn't not include that as a picture! The symbol tatoo means Genuine... I love that! I think it speaks to the beautiful person she is, both inside and out.

Crystal and fam... it was so wonderful meeting all of you. I throughly enjoyed our time! Can't wait for you to see the rest!


Tina said...

The one in the rocks is my absolute favorite of the sneak peaks. Thanks for a great experience Kari, You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

agross said...

What a great shot! My niece is so photogenic! She is amazingly BEAUITFUL!!
Love ya Krissy.
Auntie Amy

shirleyg said...

Krystal is such a beautiful person both on the inside and the outside. I've got to say that I think Kari did a fantastic job. These photos are "great".
Lots of love Krystal,
Grandpa and Shirley

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