Thursday, October 9, 2008

Drake... the best holiday model!

As you all know since you came to this page... Drake has made an apperance as my new header for my blog! I LOVE fall, halloween, orange, pumpkins... so it only seemed fitting that it was time to update the look! I tried to do something cute with my kids and make my son look like a little farmer in his carhartts... what is it about Carhart's anyway??? I'm sorry but really he didn't look near as cute as I thought he would in that outfit... bummer (I really should have shown the pics of him throwning more fits because I wanted him to wear the jacket for a few pictures... he had other plans. So thank you Drake, you saved the October Blog header! LOL

Drake's mommy NEVER lets me down with a photo shoot for all holidays/seasons! Thanks Kayla! Can you believe how much he has grown? Go back to last December in the archives at the bottom and see how much he has changed... CRAZY! I'm sure we will do something for Thanksgiving... but after that will be his ONE YEAR photoshoot! Should I cry now or later?! Yeah he is JUST.ABOUT.WALKING... seriously... already???

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