Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Hunt Family!

I had such a great session with this adorable, loving family! I never once felt like it was a lot of work to photograph 16 people! They were all brave enough to get out in the icky weather! It was great as long as the sun stayed out! I have a feeling this next weekend is going to wrap up our outdoor sessions for awhile... bummer. I hate Michigan sometimes!

Anyway, a photoshoot with 16 people I was sure it would be a ton of work esp with all those kids, these kids were all exceptionally well behaved. The dad's of each family are brothers! It's obvious they are a tightly knit family. If I am not mistaken, I believe all of them are teachers and police officers. Correct me if I am wrong guys but I think that's what Teri told me! I admire teachers and public service official and I don't think they get the thanks they deserve. So just wanted to take a minute to say just that! Thank you to ALL of you! ;-) For those of you teacher's who read my blog and if you aren't aware, now is a good time to mention it... as a public way of saying thank you for all you do for all kids, Touch of Love Photography ALWAYS offers a 20% discount to all teachers. It doesn't matter what school district or anything... ALWAYS 20% off.

I had so much fun with all of you! It's always great to get back out there and get some creative photography going again! I'm feeling stifled inside with indoor portraits! You have a beautiful family and are all so lucky to have kids in the same age ranges! That must make for some great memories!!!

Onto the photos... the good stuff...
You may recognize Mr. Ethan from his photo shoot over the summer... I did NOT pose him for this picture... I just happened to look over and he was all set and ready like hurry up Kari, I'm all set here and posing for you! Ethan your the best!!!

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