Saturday, October 4, 2008


This 1st one is a new FAV of mine... it might end up on canvas for my studio one day!!! I like it THAT MUCH!

Here are few from the constest winner's session! In case you missed it, I held a contest on my blog a few weeks ago and had some great entries! Valen was the winner! Lucky little dude! I had so much fun playing with this little guy today, he is a little butterball still at one. I love the little roly poly guys... likely because it reminds me a lot of my little guy (Carson) when he was small.
Valen warmed right up to me... but that was short lived as soon as his daddy was around... it was ALL.ABOUT.DAD.
Sooo how about that red hair and those incredible blue eyes?! Parents... take note... these are some of the greatest outfit choices for little ones for fall! It's all about the layers this year and it looks so cute!


mkoszegi said...

oh my goodness these ar so awsome can't wait tosee the rest.

Mom2Twins said...

You do such awsome work. I want to be a photographer so bad but I have no idea how to even get started.

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