Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

I have been DYING to share this video for a few days. My sweet little Cash has just graduated from the Bebe' Collection (tear). But hes a big boy now and it sounds like he will be sticking around for the next step... bebe' 2 bus... WHICH I AM SO GLAD because I really can't see myself NOT watching him grow over and be part of his family over the next few years... I get so attached to all these Bebe' Collection babies, truly I do... I get emotional at the thought of not seeing them anymore... DORK.

Anyway... I had to wait until AFTER Brian (Cash's dadddy) got this video for his birthday, but I got the ok from Ali (Cash's mommy) tonight to go ahead and share!

Don't these slideshows make a wonderful gift? Those of you considering a session, consider this type of gift for mothers day or father's day! I know I would love to get one! I think that's a hint to my husband and kids! Oh wait... who would take the pictures?! Ok im rambling... onto the slideshow, it's definitely one of my favorites! Happy Birthday Brian!

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