Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So if you can remember all the way back to October... I mentioned here on my blog that a friend of mine was opening up a salon in downtown Jackson. Well the day has arrived! Salon Breathe recently opened their doors in late Dec.

I spent some time recently with "the girls" of Salon Breathe!!! First of all, I seriously could work in this place. They have some fantastic personality mixes going on and what a fun group of girls!

I can tell you from experience that they offer several great services and I can promise you without a doubt they do incredible work. So if you get a chance go check it out! Here's their website... Salon Breathe

*one last note (inside joke)
And seriously Maggie... I am going to come down there and shake you!!! Seriously... how DOES one do that with their face? I was going through my photos tonight and really THIS is going to require us sending you to facial expression therapy!!! Get in Laurel's room hopefully she and all your other staff combined can help you work on this problem!!! LOL

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Laurel said...

Kari, they are sooo good, u did great!
I cant wait to see the rest! :-]
Thank You so much!

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