Saturday, April 5, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

Ok, so any of you who know this family, keep it quiet! This session is a surprise for a mom with 5 kids! They took the time to all get together and coordinate and get something for their mom that I am SURE she will really enjoy!

A little bit about this photo shoot! It started out as my WORST nightmare. We met at Hidden Lake Gardens, all that was great. It was a GORGEOUS day! The first one we have really had where it breaks 60 degrees in a long time. I opened my camera bag got everything out and ready to go. Position everyone for the first shots and my camera doesn't DO.A.THING. I look on the under side of my camera and realize that my battery door is open. Ok... no big deal, I knew that I put my entire charger and everything in my camera bag when I VERY CAREFULLY got everything together this morning. I do several double checks anytime I go on a photo shoot to be sure I have everything in place and all set. I am actually a little bit crazy about how many times I check things because I just like to be cautious. Well, my battery to my camera is NO WHERE. I am frantically searching.. no luck. I had things out back at the gate house when I was talking to the man working there earlier in the day. I go back check with him and pretty much the entire staff at Hidden Lake Gardens. They were all great, but no luck. I decide to call Keri and ask them to look again in the area where we were. To make a long story short, Corey found my battery it must have fallen out into the flowers, I still have NO.IDEA.HOW. I have several batteries that I use for back up, however, I didn't take any with me today because I was SO cautious when I packed my bag that there really wasn't any reason to. Next time... I will probably always carry about 5 batteries. (they are about $100 a pop!) But well worth not looking like an entire idiot to a family who doesn't know me at all. Honestly guys... I usually have it all together. I am so sorry you had to witness such udder chaos. Thank you so much for your patience. You were all wonderful.

So... now that I have rambled on about my Lucielle Ball like day.... here is a sneak peek of what we got today. This family is absolutely adorable and once everyone loosened up and started to enjoy themselves I think we got some great shots! Can't wait for you all to see all of your images!!! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Awe. We all definitely look cute. I love it. I hope that our Momma likes these since it is a surprise. Thanks for taking these pictures. =)*


Anonymous said...
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