Sunday, July 29, 2007

Three words... Sour Patch Kids!!!

Getting Cade to smile was a bit of a chore, he is just at that age where the last thing he wants to do is smile for someone! He's a busy guy... who has time for that?! Near the end, I said... "Its been a challenge to get Cade to actually smile, I keep getting "this" look! However... we chocked it up to this is just who he is at this age in his life I know someday they will look back at that face when he is grown and remember that precious "two year old face"!

Above: Cade showing his "muschels" (muscles :-)

Meet the GORGEOUS Tousa Family!

Scott, Mandy, Cade and I met up early Saturday morning at the farm to shoot some two year old photos of Cade and some family pictures!

This family couldn't have been more easy to shoot. They were extremely open to trying different poses and were all charming in front of the camera. This family will have a new little addition (baby boy) coming up soon. Mandy is absolutely glowing! I know how cliche Mandy probably said, but its SO true! Cade was busy checking out the area and being a typical two year old! Isn't he just ADORABLE! He has these big brown eyes that just sparkle!


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