Sunday, November 4, 2007

So Photogenic!

Yesterday I met up with some of the sweetest and cutest kiddos! Their mommy (R) I met several years ago while she was pregnant with E the oldest of these kids, I have watched her family grow and change with each pregnancy!! How fun! I have never met the kids in person until yesterday, so it was super special for me to actually see these kids in person since I've heard so much about them through the years! Mom and Dad both are so great with these kids! I realized while I was doing this shoot how much I truly enjoy kids. That seems pretty obvious since I have 2 of my own, but seriously, this "job" (if that's even what I could call it) takes me back to fun times with kiddos. I appreciate their innocence and individual characters. Such a neat feeling and experience to get to have with a passion I enjoy so much. So thank you so so much T, R, E, K, and T! You are all so awesome, it was WONDERFUL hanging out with you yesterday!!!

K reminded me of my own daughter when was this age (3). K loves kitties and she got to play with one during her shoot to keep her attention. The kitty ended up scratching her pretty badly and she was OVER it (meaning having her pic taken) after that. Nonetheless, we got some pretty sweet pictures of her. You can tell she is growing out of the baby look. She has much more of the little girl look going on here!! aWWWW

Check out those stunning blue eyes (above). He was SUCH a happy guy!

Now Mr. E here (below) was Mr. Personality and also extremely photogenic. I will have to keep him in mind next time im looking for a model his age. He didn't even have to pose to make his pictures look great!!

T... I just wanted to let you know I am SO sorry that I had to do SO much editing to make the baby look cuter than you. Next time we will have to keep you out of the photos because my husband is still mad at me since I spent SO much time editing this one photo that we missed dinner last night! LOL

And last but not least we couldn't forget Mom and her girl!!

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