Friday, March 7, 2008

We did it!

Well the fundraiser photoshoot @ His Kids daycare was a success, but I must admit I am glad it's over! I honestly enjoyed doing the pictures. The only down fall was that with 15 kids to do, it's nearly impossible to be creative with everyone of them and keep it to a miniumum and keep them on their schedule. Sarah (the director) did an awesome job of helping me get kids to smile and to keep things running smoothly.

I really think we need to do this again in the fall before it gets cold again so we can do it outside! That would be great fun and lots more room and options to be creative! I may even consider just following them around for a day. I love capturing kids in their own comfort zone doing what they enjoy doing.

Anyway, here are just a couple I have edited already. Parents if your checking in to see more, I will have them done at the latest MONDAY!!!

Thanks again kiddos for being so fun! You are all ADORABLE!

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