Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It was more than MAGICAL.

My Carson... it's a miracle that he even got near him! We even got a few smiles... unheard of!
Tippy Toes and all :-)

I started the day out with a mentality of... "you fake it til you make it"! We really had no clue how things would turn out with Santa Days. I felt as if we were going into it blind. I had really high hopes that my vision and dream of what that day would be, would come to life, but I just wasn't 100% confident we could pull it off.

He came in with a snow white beard, a genuine jolly attitude and a love for kids that shined the moment you saw him with them. Santa was perfect! I had never met him and just trusted Holly that he would be wonderful. He was MORE than wonderful. Thank you Santa... you are absolutely amazing.

It isn't just any photo session with Santa. I had a terrible time getting that point across when I set out to market this event. I wanted it to be all about the kids and the magic of the Christmas spirit. All I can say about that day in summary is MAGICAL. We only had ONE kid cry and he was related to Holly... id cry too! JUST KIDDING HOLLY! ;-)

We had Gina and Sandra in the lobby helping out with orders and directing the kids to the letters to Santa area. The kids all got really into the coloring contest.

The decor... oh gosh I could go on about this FOR DAYS. My friend Kylee totally pulled my vision out of my head and put it together in the studio. She worked all week and took a space that was just a space and made it feel like home! It is BEAUTIFUL. Kylee, you rock my world. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING. Thank you doesn't even come close to how much I appreciate everything you do for us. You are the best.

Because I have had so many requests for kids who saw the pics and really want to meet Santa and parents who want pics... we have opened up Santa Days for ONE more day. This coming Sunday from 10-2 we will again be scheduling Santa sessions. Please call or email to get your time, we are filling up VERY quickly.

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