Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lifestyle Photography

While my holiday season was wonderful with my kiddos and we are soooo blessed. I kinda had a hard holiday season. I REALLY missed my mom and immediate family who live in Florida. I missed the feeling of baking cookies together, setting around and just being TOGETHER at my moms house with the tree in the other room and kids driving us crazy! Although it was kind of a tough time... it was also something that inspired me.

I wanted to take a minute to throw some ideas and goals out there that I have for 2011. I am calling it lifestyle photography... because quite frankly, I can't think of anything better to describe it.

I really want my photography to take a small turn just to keep things fresh, fun and authentically YOU.

So.... here's my vision and where I want to see things head. Imagine some of the things your kids do that just embody exactly who they are right now, at this point in time. Something you don't want to forget. I know for me... I want to remember things like my teenage daughter up in her room surrounded by all of her technology stuff... like texting, her lap top, ipod, all the things that are today... HER. As for my son... I want to remember him playing his Nintendo DS, playing with trio blocks, his excited look when we tell him he gets to go to Target (atta boy) and even him sleeping in his bed with the UGLY Cars comforter that he LOVES. Those are the types of things I want to try to photograph this year. To help you STOP and remember those memories that are making your kids become them. Ultimately, I want a photo of my kids laying on Kenedey's bed on their bellies reading a book TOGETHER and laughing TOGETHER.

I have a couple of sessions scheduled in the coming weeks for specifically this. One includes a little boy and his big sister and we are going to do a full out crazy bubble bath session, dress up with gaudy jewelry, and fun toys with the little guy! I CANNOT wait! I will be sure to post some some samples! Consider scheduling a session for something that your family does TOGETHER.

Much love ALWAYS - Kari

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Anonymous said...

Kari, I love the idea and hope that we can do that with Kenley. I know that she is maybe too little to do it now but she will only be getting older and more fun throughout the year!! I cant wait to see the new ideas. I think that you do such amazing work and am so happy that you have been able to capture such great pictures of my daughter!

love, Amanda Jacobs

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