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Steve & Kelly Mizerik ~ MARRIED!! Jackson, Michigan Wedding Photographer

When he was little, Steve looked to his sister older Lindsay before he would talk to strangers. Often times, she would tell them, "well he won't talk to you, but I can tell him what you are saying". Definitely a protective big sister and a little brother who relied on her.

During her teen working years, Kelly spent EVERY.SINGLE.SATURDAY. morning cleaning fans at Lake Columbia's Beach Bar where her manager was on top of the "list of duties"! That manager happened to be Lindsay (Steve's big sis). :) After getting to know Kelly well, Lindsay decided she had done her big sis job of evaluating and she told Steve, "you are really going to like Kelly, she's a really great girl"! Well Lindsay... GOOD WORK! These two are absolutely perfect for each other!

Descriptive words cannot even touch the amount of joy, fun, and love surrounding this wedding day! June 4, 2011 couldn't come soon enough when I first talked with Kelly about her big day. We had an AMAZING e-session last year, so I knew Kelly and Steve would be the perfect fit with my shooting style. I have known Kelly since she was about 8ish? So this day was so special to me :)

Steve and Kelly have an absolutely undeniable connection to each other. No doubt are they incredibly close friends, but more importantly, they have the most unique respect and admiration for each other. I feel like it's not something you see in young couple's all the time and I think that's what sets them apart and will sustain them through the years to come. It's AMAZING to be a part of their love and friends and family.

The mood of the day was so relaxed. The perfect atmosphere where you just want to let loose and have a great time. Well I can say... a GREAT time it was. I fully expected either Steve or Kelly to be a little bit nervous, but when I was around them individually, I didn't sense any nerves... excitement, YES... but not nervousness. However... the I picked up on all kinds of emotions once I got around Kelly's dad, Bud! Bud is a super special guy and he and Kelly have the kind of father daughter relationship many girls can only dream of. Kelly gave her dad a hankerchief that had the words, "Dad, you will always have a special place in my heart" embroidered into it. I saw him pull the hankie out a few times throughout the day to show it off. :) Heartwarming.

Their ceremony was beautiful and Steve was ALL smiles as Kelly walked down the aisle. I watched him bust up laughing when Lindsay (big sis) came down the aisle in tears! Oh how the times have changed!

After the ceremony, we headed downtown Jackson for photos. This bridal party was up for ANYTHING! I was pleasantly surprised when they wanted to escape the blazing hot day and stop inside the Night Light bar to sit down and have some cheese steak... I was all, "oh... okay!" LOL definitely a first! Somehow, while inside the bar... groomsmen Dave worked it with the bartenders and got permission for us to get Kelly on top of the bar. Can you say ROCKSTAR!!! Only you Kel!!! Mermaid fit dress and all, you rocked it!

As I walked around the reception that night, I kept looking for a paper and pen because there were so many thoughts swirling through my head about memories from the day and I didn't want to forget a single moment. I even came home that evening and wrote a list!!! (something I have never done)!

The venue for the reception was at Daryl's downtown in Jackson, MI. The Rose Room had such a great ambiance and set the mood for such a great night. One of my favorite moments during the toast was when Kelly's Dad was giving a speech, and he said something to the effect that Kelly always takes care of things and now she will take care of Steve... HILARIOUS when Steve's mom stood up and gave her own little standing ovation!!! haha!

At one point during the evening, I asked Steve if he could get Kelly in a chair and have all the guys lift her for a little Hora. Two times during the day, Steve became my personal hero. First when he walked out of the ceremony and first thing he said was, "these pictures out here are going to be awesome, the light is PERFECT!!!" Steve, when you are ready to pick up a camera, let me know ;) Then again... with the hero thing, when he said, "you just get ready, I got this" ;) Good work my man! He surely got it done!

Kelly & Steve, it was truly an honor and pleasure to be part of your day. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you all because I know... whatever it is, if it's anything like all the times I have had with you... it's going to be a FUN time! I love you both dearly and look forward to watching your marriage grow and thrive. Hugs to you both!

Now hurry home from your honeymoon, because I miss you!


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You did such an amazing job I cant wait to see the rest :)

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